Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SBFF Short #2

The second Super Best Friends Forever short was on last weekend during the DC Nation block and it continued to impress me. If you haven't seen it yet, here is the link:

There was plenty of comedy here which I think is going to be the main feel of this series. But there also was some action and super-heroing here. I like that dichotomy. It worked with the Power Puff Girls; why not here!

This was Batgirl's episode as it set up here character much like last week's established who Donna was.

Poison Ivy is on the loose and the SBFFs are on her trail. Well, at least Supergirl and Wonder Girl are. Batgirl is stuck at home until her father falls asleep.

We heard that Babs was a fangirl, elated in her super-heroing. We see that in her bedroom littered with Batman posters and action figures.

She also has a 'Dad Monitor' which clues her in on when an exhausted looking Jim Gordon collapses into bed.

Free to head into action, Batgirl speeds across town on a bat-scooter, spring boots, and a nail polish/air mattress gadget.

She also pauses to strike a bat-like pose with the moon behind her. There is no real reason to do this other than it looks cool, which definitely fits the hyper-excited 'this is so cool' attitude this Barbara has. This is the moment of the short!

Somehow, Batgirl is the first of the Friends to get to Ivy, drawn with an Animaniacs' 'Hello Nurse' sort of body.

This is probably the second best moment of the short.

Batgirl might get there first but the other friends are there shortly. And they strike a great team pose here complete with anime-style mega-background.

Unfortunately, we don't get to see the fight! These shorts are too short!

Still, it works wonderfully ... fun and exciting. It is a big hit at home.

And hopefully the next one is a Supergirl-centric short!


Hero Supreme said...

So far there have been some great shorts, but SBFF has had the best. I agree, Kara is due for the spotlight!

Anonymous said...

These cartoons are the Joy of My Life and I swear there is a Spumco influence to the overall design!
These girls NEED thirty minutes of airtime all to themselves!


Gene said...

It was fun to watch, but I was surprised that it did not carry on the story from the first short of them taking the Invisible Jet and TPing Luthor's place. No complaints though, I eagerly await the next short and hope for a full half hour series.

Anj said...

My guess is we won't see any continuing chapters (too bad, I'd like to see the Ivy fight).

But it would be great to see longer shorts and more shorts from the SBFFs. They are perfect!