Monday, April 23, 2012

Boston Comic Con Wrap-Up And Kevin Maguire Commission

Boston Comic Con, my hometown show, happened this last weekend and it has become a such a great convention bringing in great talent as well as supporting local artists and independent creators. I have been there since the beginning and I have seen this show grow to pretty mammoth proportions.

Now I usually attend both days of the con but this year a family commitment kept me away from the second day. I usually spend the first day of the show getting commissions and signatures from the creators. And the second day I have a more relaxed day, trying to talk more to the creators if I can and thumbing through the back issues.

The place was absolutely jammed with fans. This felt like the biggest crowd  that I have seen here, even more than the Jim Lee attended one from a couple of years ago. Some creators tables were mobbed, specifically Simon Bisley (so crowded I never got to him), Kevin Eastman, and Ed McGuinness. The lineup was very impressive. It was a fantastic time, spent with friends, and meeting and chatting with creators, and talking comics nonstop with other fans.

As a result of missing Sunday though, I didn't get the opportunity to really chat at length with any of the creators I was hoping to, especially catching up with Jamal Igle. Something of a bummer.

As for me, my mission going in to the convention was to get three commissions from Kevin Maguire, Francis Manapul, and Chrissie Zullo. Amazingly, despite being there on just the first day, I accomplished that goal ... albeit with a little bit of luck. I also, somehow was able to grab a commission from Joe Benitez and a quick sketch by Ed McGuinness. I'll end up posting all of these over the next couple of weeks.

I went to Maguire's table when the doors opened and got on the top of his list. I thought I was only getting a head sketch but instead got this unreal piece. Maguire's sketch list is unique in that it asks for what type of expression you want for the character. I put 'joyous'. So when I picked up this 3/4 body commission of this lovely and happy Supergirl I was floored. Just wonderful.

I asked about World's Finest. I thought the breakdown of art was based on the timeline with Maguire doing the flashback scenes but he said instead that his pages are on Earth 1, in the present, and mostly the pages of Helena and Karen in their secret identities. I also expressed how much I enjoyed the Tanga strip in Weird Worlds and My Greatest Adventure. Despite having other stories in mind, it sounds like DC has no plans for more Tanga. Too bad, she is such a fun character.

Anyways, this was a great convention and I would love to hear from anyone else who was there!

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Diabolu Frank said...

That is absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to the rest!