Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lauren Faust's Character Designs For SBFFs

Over on her Deviantart webpage, Super Best Friends Forever producer Lauren Faust has posted her character design sketches. Here is a link:

What a great way to follow up the Animated Anthem blog crossover! Talking about the current animated Supergirl! I love the action pose of Supergirl seen above.

These are true cartoon shorts, about a minute long. There isn't much time to have slow building characterization. Looking at these sketches, I think I am going to love the way Supergirl is portrayed here.

It seems she is going to be written 'big'. She won't be happy, she'll be elated. She won't be irked. She'll be irate. She won't be cute; she'll be wicked cute. And it looks like she'll be ready to throw down when the time comes.

But clearly she isn't going to be a one-note character. She is going to run the emotional spectrum. For some reason, I love the one on the top right. Is she annoyed? Plotting something? Bored? All of the above?

Watching the previews on DC nation last week, it looks like we'll get the next SBFF short this weekend! I can't wait!

I recommend going to Faust's page where there are similar design sheets for Wonder Girl and Batgirl.


Anonymous said...

I still think the character design skews pudgy. But then again its a humorous type superheroine short so you have to expect that. From the looks of that model sheet, Supergirl is clearly gonna be "The Straw that Stirs the Drink".


Gene said...

I think Lauren Faust just earned herself a place in the Supergirl Hall of Fame. It would be cool if we could get figurines or action figures of Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl based on her designs.

Here are some more motivational posters: