Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Super Best Friends Forever Grounded

The third Super Best Friends Forever short for the DC Nation played this last Saturday and it was as incredibly fun as the first two. Here is a link to watch the whole episode on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuzquQIqsz4

As suspected, this short had an emphasis on Supergirl meaning each of the BFF have 'starred in a short'. As seen in the preview, the episode starts with a despondent Supergirl who has been grounded. She therefore cannot join her friends in stopping crime.

The response of the two other two heroes definitely matches their personalities in this 'universe'.

Wonder Girl has the best line telling Supergirl that (and I quote) " Vanquishing wickedness takes precedence over trivial penance." That just sounds like what a determined Amazon would say.

Batgirl definitely continues channeling Pinkie Pie when she says she wants to stop crime "before the big guys get there" (meaning more established heroes).

Their cajoling works on Supergirl who decides to sneak away from her punishment. She dons the costume and off she goes ...

Unfortunately she doesn't get far because Superman arrives to enforce her grounding and stop her. It sends Wonder Girl and Batgirl diving for cover.

I love that Superman's arrival is marked by an Imperial March style music piece. In the Silver Age that was the feel that Superman had towards Supergirl, of a, Emperor-like despot restricting her freedom and holding her down.

This Supergirl is feisty though. Her 'theme music' is a heavy metal electric guitar riff and she isn't taking this punishment lying down. She begins to fight Superman saying that he can't tell her what to do, he isn't her dad.

Now I like it much better when the super-cousins get along. But this is comedy and having Supergirl be angry about being snubbed or held back makes for some fun situations.

Plus, she looks pretty fierce here! I love it.

But as I said, this is comedy. Superman calmly responds that even though he isn't Supergirl's father, he is Superman and she has to listen to him. He puts her over his shoulder to take her back inside.

In response, Supergirl gives him a super-wedgie. I knew there were perils to wearing your underwear on the outside. It is hysterical and ludicrous. And it is made all the better because of the devilish look on Kara's face.

So Superman decides to call in the big guns. He screams Mom, bringing out a rather elderly appearing Ma Kent who silently chastises Supergirl with a wagging finger.

There is no defeating that. Shoulders slumped, Supergirl silently flies back inside, remaining grounded.

That Ma Kent is one tough cookie.

There is a great ending.

Superman turns a stern gaze to the bush where the other BFF are hiding. The look of surprise and terror on their faces is great. They Looney Tunes-style skedattle making Superman break into a smile.

These shorts are just superb in every way. I have enjoyed how Supergirl is something of a hothead here, trying to bend if not break the rules. She has a little edge to her which fits the silliness of this feature. First toilet papering Luthor's hideout. Now, handing out super-wedgies! Fantastic! And yet, she is put in her place by little old Ma Kent. Double fantastic!

Anyways, I can only hope we continue to get these every other week ... if not more!


Anonymous said...

Super Wedgie
Super Wedgie
Super Wedgie!!!

My life is complete! As a Supergirl fan I have gone full circle!
Me am Happy!!!


Gene said...

Another great short with plenty of action. It would be funny to see what Supergirl was grounded for. Probably for TPing Luthor's place. I just loved the look on Superman's face when she lifted and threw that tractor at him.

Time for some more motivational posters:












valerie21601 said...

I loved it!

It reminds me of a Designing Women episode where the women were being sexually harrassed everytime they went by a construction site. IN the end they show the men a video tape of it to them and gave them a chance to change their ways. When they said no. The Sugar Bakers women sicced their MOMS on them!

It was so funny to see these big men being taken down a couple of pegs by these little old ladies. Even if it was a sitcom.