Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Super Best Friends Forever Short #4

The latest (and penultimate?) SBFF DC Nation short was shown this last weekend. And as with all of these shorts, this one was spectacular. After 3 episodes focusing on each of the team members and getting a feeling of their personalities, this one focused on their interactions with each other. As with most things Lauren Faust, there was definitely a major cute factor. But much like her My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic cartoon, there is more under the surface, even in this shortest of shorts.

The episode starts out with a riff on the 'Superman saving a kitten from a tree' trope. Instead, here it is Supergirl uprooting a tree and shaking the Cheetah from it's limbs. Fantastic.

While skirmishing with the villain, Batgirl declares that it is time for the three of them to become 'officially official' with an official team name!

And she has decided on the SBFFS! (Makes sense given the title of these shorts!)

As with most of these shorts, Faust punctuates a big moment with a dramatic wild background (think Donna's star background in the first short). But this one is so befitting of the fangirl Batgirl we have met here. The balloon letters, the heart shaped S-shield, the stars and sparkles. And she seems so proud of her idea.

But the other members aren't so sure.

Wonder Girl wonders what the 'Sa-buffs' are.

Supergirl thinks the name is stupid and she doesn't want the friends to be called that.

It leads to an argument and a tussle amongst the friends. Supergirl calls Batgirl 'Bratgirl'. Batgirl is insulted, calls Supergirl 'Stupidgirl' and asks Supergirl 'How dare you mock the sacred name of the bat!' (the best line of the short).  Wonder Girl has to join in and when she tells Supergirl to stop, Supergirl screams 'Make me!'

She is Supergirl after all, so her tantrum tosses the other heroes aside potentially hurting them. I have to say, I wasn't sure if I would like Supergirl has the hot-head of the group but it has worked.

Here, after seeing she might have hurt her best friends, she is completely remorseful and apologizes for not realizing her own strength and for losing her temper.. We have seen the 'punch first, ask questions later' Supergirl in a number of places including in Gates' work and the DCnU.

With the apology accepted, they clasp hands 'all for one and one for all' style. Supergirl realizes that maybe they are Best Friends Forever ... aaannnddd ... Super.

This whole series has worked. Batgirl as ultra-caffeinated hero having a blast doing her job. Supergirl as mischievous young girl with a temper. And Wonder Girl as mature mentor who is softened by her friends.

There simply needs to be more of these shorts. DO IT DC ENTERTAINMENT!!


Anonymous said...

Y'know what was cool about this cartoon...Last year in a guest appearance on "The Brave and the Bold", Superman was all but killed by the Cheetah.
This year his teenaged girl cousin needed exactly one minute of television airtime to reduce the Cheetah to groaning ruins.
That is the sort of Supergirl I like to see...

And hey just a shout out, if BATGIRL can have a excellent featured guest appearance on "Young Justice" then why not Supergirl???



Gene said...

I completely agree with JF. I'm still a little mad at Brave and the Bold because they gave screen time to almost every obscure DC character, but Supergirl couldn't even get a cameo? So seeing Supergirl shake Cheetah out of a tree was completely gratifying. :D

Hopefully we'll see her in Young Justice, and if they make another Superman animated series to tie in with next year's movie, I hope she will be part of the main cast as well.

valerie21601 said...

Anyone know where I can see the entire video of this. All I can find is the first 30 seconds of it.


Anj said...

I wish Supergirl would show up on Young Justice. But I don't know what they would do with her given Superboy and now the Cassie Wonder Girl being on the team.

And I do wish they had her appear on Brave and Bold. There were plenty of opportunities.

It is a bummer.

Still, I do sincerely hope we have more than one more SBFF.

I haven't seen the whole short posted anywhere yet Val. The last three pics are snapshots off my television.