Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chrissie Zullo Commission

I am nearing the end of my review of the 2012 Boston Comic-Con and so I thought I would share another of the commissions I was able to grab, this one by Chrissie Zullo.

Heading into the con, I knew I wanted to get a piece by Zullo, contacting her beforehand and securing a spot on her list. Now I usually have one 'steal' commission per convention, one piece where I am absolutely stunned by the quality of the piece and end up think that I underpaid the artist. Two years ago it was Cam Stewart. Last year it was Oliver Nome.

Zullo's piece is the 2012 steal piece. I handed over $80 and got this nuanced marker powerful bust piece which basically filled the sheet in the sketch book. From the fully marked costume, to the detailed and layered hair, to the look of determination on Supergirl's face, to the energy crackling in the background, this whole thing just jumps off the page.

Just fantastic. As I have said before, I was running around so much that day at the con, I really didn't have time to talk at length with any creators. I thanked Zullo for the commission, but maybe not as profusely as I should have. So I am gushing now because I couldn't then.

Zullo is best known for her covers for the Cinderella Fables mini-series. I am not a Fables guy (although everybody I know tells me I would love it) but Zullo's covers are just captivating, stylish, and really jumped off the rack, enough for me to get both mini-series. In this day and age, with hundreds of books on the shelf, when a cover is able to grab me enough to have me buy the book, it is huge deal, a big success for the artist and the company. That is the mesmerizing power of Zullo's art.

I hope to see her work in another book soon.

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Diabolu Frank said...

Jeepers! I've gotten behind again. I'm looking forward to the rest, but Maguire remains the man to neat. I'm envious!

Joe Benitez: While a bit haughty, I really liked the piece. He did so much with swipes of a thin pen. You definitely get the sense of a girl trying to be a Superwoman.

Francis Manapul: I dug the concept and Metropolis in the background, but had issues with the actual figure (particularly the hands and arms.)

Chrissie Zullo: I love her stuff in general, and this piece is delightful. Such heroic soul on display here.