Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Super BFF Episode This Morning

It's Saturday morning which means time for DC Nation cartoons!

And best of all, this week there will be another Super Best Friends Forever Cartoon! While Young Justice has been very good (although I am liking Invasion less than last season's arc) and Green Lantern has been decent, it is Super Best Friends Forever that has been the big win for me. Heck, most of the shorts have been great fun. And today we have the next installment!

Recently on her deviantart account, Lauren Faust posted this study on the faces of the BFF, looking at them from all angles and approaches. Here is the link:

As I always say, process pieces or behind the scenes character studies fascinate me, giving me a look behind the curtain of the creative process. Supergirl looks so deviously mischievous here!

Now the sad news. While the post was brief post, it included this sentence:

There's only two more to go, so be sure to catch it!

I don't know if I can tell you how sad I will be if there are only two more of these shorts. Two more?!

We need many more of these! I hope DC is able to get a sense of how popular these are, how fantastic they are, and how much this is a great gateway vehicle bringing in the My Little Pony fans and having them fall in love with these characters and comic books.

Do you hear me DC!! Don't deny me my SBFF!!

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Anonymous said...

Two to go?
That is appalling, this concept could easily support a half hour format!
DC/WB needs to rethink things a bit!