Monday, May 28, 2012

More Superman Family Adventures Process Pieces

Over on the DC Source blog, Art Baltazar and Franco are sharing some of their character designs for Superman Family Adventures. I have to say, I love design pieces like this as it shows some of the creative process. First they shared their Superman sheets. Here is the link:

We also get

I like the face studies on the top pic showing a stern, coy, and happy Superman. There is a sort of retro-feel to these pics and Supes' body type. It sort of reminds me of Wayne Boring a bit. And is there anything better than the iconic 'ripping the shirt off' Superman pose.

We also got a peek at the other characters in the book here:

I like the Supergirl design a lot. It is a mix of my favorite Matrix-style costume with the red skirt and full shirt. But we also get some DCnU flourishes of the high cape and funky boots.  Add to that a 'Gwen Stacy' headband, and that design is a winner. I would still love to see if there were other designs that didn't pass muster for Supergirl. Did they try the DCnU one piece?

I also like how young they have Supergirl and Superboy look. Con looks like he's 12. Kara looks like she's about 15. Even Jimmy looks more like the copyboy he was initially. This is a kid's comic ... it should have kids in it.

We also got to see some of the villains that are upcoming. I like Lex in the evil green lab coat. Brainiac looks more like the Brainiac from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's pre-New Krypton story than either Silver Age or DCnU. And I love the quirky craziness of Mxy too.
And lastly we round out the cast.

Poor Chris. He is stuck as the miffed Lor-Zod here.

And then there are Jimmy's cub reporter friends.

And no Superman Family book would be complete without Streaky! Aw yeah!

Want to know more about the characters and their motivations? The Source rounded out their coverage of the book with a scorecard here:

I like how Superman is describe as striving to be a role model to the super-family. I also like that Supergirl and Superboy are bound to get into mischief. Sounds like fun.

We are only a couple of days away from the book's release. I can't wait!


MOCK! said...

Those are AWESOME! My son was crushed by Tiny Titans cancellation. He has asked WEEKLY about when is is coming. When the guy at our LCS said this week, my boy gave a quiet "Awwww yeah" to himself.....

Dante said...

This book is shaping up to be great[not that there was any doubt with the Tiny Titans team behind it],but these character info bits just made my day.Silver age wankiness in a healthy dose with great humor.Wonder if Sb and Sg will get their own stories in the book,kind of like the first Superman Family issues.

Anj said...

Thanks for the posts.

I agree this will be a multi-generational comic. My daughters are as excited for it as I am.

I do hope that there will be individual stories for all the characters as well. maybe the format will vary from issue to issue.