Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Superman Family Adventures Premise

Superman Family Adventures is a comic that I have been eagerly anticipating since I heard about it. I have wanted an all-ages Superman book for a while, something to share with my kids to expose them to all the Superman mythos. They loved Tiny Titans and Batman:Brave and the Bold. They love Young Justice. And they really really loved Supergirl Cosmic Adventures, a book they still reread. But what is missing in that list is a true Superman book, something that has Supergirl and Superman and the Daily Planet crew, etc. And now I have that!

Over on the Source, they posted the original pitch for the book, how Art Baltazar and Franco sold DC on the book. Above is the pitch sheet. Here is the link:

It sounds like all sorts of Silver Age loveliness. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. And while the pitch has HUMOR in capitals, my guess is this won't just be a book to get some yuks. The preview pages reads like a standard Superman adventure with humor infused in it, not dominating.

The Source will post behind the scenes looks at the book up to its release on May 30th. I can't wait to see the Supergirl design pics!

I love the title appearance on the pitch sheet mixing the old-school Superman Family logo with the crayon 'adventures' symbolically linking it to the sensibilities of the old Family book with the fun of Tiny Titans.

Anyways, I loved Tiny Titans as much as the supergirls at home, so this looks like must reading for the whole family. Can't wait!


Dante said...

Ok...this is looking to be all kinds of epic.We already have the DC Nation shows and shorts which are fantastic and now we get to have a title that gets together the entire gang in one neat issue?

Fantastic!Hope it is as thick as the "previous" Superman Family title,with stories for everyone.

Gene said...

General Zod selling hot dogs?
This I gotta see! :D