Monday, August 5, 2019

Chrissie Zullo Supergirl Statue

DC Comics Collectibles has come out with a set of statues based on Chrissie Zull's art.

I have been a fan of Zullo for a long time and have seen her art evolve over time. I really like her current style so I couldn't say no.

This statue is a pure delight. It is cute. It is bright. It sort of pops on the shelf. I love the colors in her eyes. And adding a snarky looking Streaky is perfect.

From the hands on hip, to the smile, to the sideways look, to the proportions like the chunky boot, this whole thing works for me. Throw in a pointy belt and oversized sleeves and you have my perfect costume.

Let's take a closer look.

From the back, it has the same simple aesthetic. Nice cape folds. Nice hair lines. Beautiful.

The statue has found a nice spot on a shelf right next to the Funko and the Adam Hughes' statue. 

I absolutely love this statue!


Anonymous said...

Cute, Fits well where you put it.

It's got the TV blue-background S shield and pleated skirt, but otherwise has more of a Rebirth look.

Meanwhile the comics have been different for a year - though recent out-of-book appearances seem to be based on editors providing both pencillers and colorists with inconsistent reference material, a problem I haven't seen before. Imagine if someone drew New 52 Supergirl now, or 2004 Supergirl. Those mistakes never happen. Perhaps the recent changes have been too subtle for artists to notice.

Bendis mentioned on the Word Balloon podcast that Kevin Maguire will be drawing several issues of Superman (I think - could be Action, but one of those). So we won't see much of his work in Supergirl.

Action figures do eventually catch up. Maybe. A Sideshow by Frank Cho is in the works for next year, but the details seem to draw from many eras.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

There are (so far) 3 variants of that Chrissie Zullo Supergirl statue. Black and white, Team Joker (green hair, white face, purple costume), and Team Harley (white face, red and black costume). The Joker variant is currently available only through Gamestop. I'm not sure about the Harley variant.

Supergirl has worn so many costumes, some with very slight differences, that it's easy to understand how artists and colorists can get mixed up. The cover of the upcoming Supergirl 35 (the one with Kara rescuing the little girl) is a good example. Supergirl is wearing the red skirt of her rebirth costume, but her boots have the yellow soles of the recent Jorge Jimenez design.

There were so many fill-ins during Kevin Maguire's Supergirl run, I wonder if he'll be able to keep up with a monthly schedule on Superman or Action. We'll see.

Is there a Sideshow statue by Frank Cho due out next year? The one designed by Artgerm will be released soon (there's an unboxing video on his Twitter page). Cho is the new artist for DC's Cover Girls statues, replacing Joelle Jones. There IS a Supergirl scheduled for that line.

Anonymous said...

Good catch on the #35 cover. It's got the new wider gold belt, too. On the other hand, it has that vertical stitch down the center of the blouse, which was one of the only elements left in the Rebirth costume that was reminiscent of the body armor of the New 52 costume. The outer space all-blue costume no longer has that stitch.

This is the DCeased variant cover, a theme for many variants across books in October, so it's an Elseworld, and we can allow for these differences in Imaginary Tales. That's how I'm explaining it!

(It's otherwise baffling that editors don't even catch coloring errors ON THE COVERS?!)

Isn't the DC Cover Girls line being produced by Sideshow? Are these 2 different things?


Professor Feetlebaum said...

I did not know that cover for Supergirl 35 was a DCeased variant. Thanks for the information.

The Cover Girl statues are produced by DC Collectibles (DC's own company) and Sideshow only sells them and other DC statues on their website. Sideshow DOES produce and sell their own statues as well.

Anonymous said...

The print edition for DC Previews for October labels all the DCeased variants. That issue of DC Previews is massive and fully bound - DC is publishing around 100 comics in October, many more than they usually do, and about as many as Marvel puts out.

This includes a large new set of Giants (7 of them starting in October, 10 of them altogether), a new weekly Dollar Comic, a facsimile of Batman #251, a new Joe Hill imprint of horror comics, a new high fantasy book from Phillip Kennedy Johnson, along with a number of new DC titles - mostly mini/maxi-series, and some one-shots. Busy month!

Plus, they included advance solicitations for twenty-two November books that will have acetate covers.

I have no idea how the local comic shops can keep up with all this, and pre-ordering is more important than ever.

The DCeased variants are also listed here:

While the print edition of DC Previews is by no means a DC Nation kind of book, it does feature several pages of creator interviews and other pages of details. I include it my monthly pull list.