Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Supergirl 1970’s Slurpee Cup

One of the pieces that has eluded me over time had been the Supergirl 7-11 Slurpee cup from the 1970s.

Now I know that things like this are available on line, via EBay, etc.

But there is something about finding things in the wild that makes the hunt so much more delicious.

So imagine my surprise when last week I walked into my comic store and saw they had acquired a massive Slurpee cup collection. And front and center in the the display was the Supergirl cup.

And yes ... it is now mine.

This was definitely the style guide, corner of the cover, stock art pose for the Supergirl of the time. I am not a big fan of the ballet slippers. But this will work!

And, while not in the best condition, it is basically intact. So I'll take it!

 I love the back of the cup as it is a historical piece.

The Supergirl of 1973 was Linda Lee Danvers, guidance counselor at the New Athens Experimental School. That was the slice of life for Supergirl then, until she switched over to soap opera acting.

And we get a pretty simple, straightforward, brief review of her origin.

So cool.

I had to do a little movement to the shrine to figure out where to put the cup. I feel like I need another shelf!

Putting it in the corner with the other glasses and toys of the hot pants costume. Looks perfect right there.

One more piece to the collection I have been looking for now found!


Martin Gray said...

Congratulations! Interesting that Kara gained the ballet slippers about the same time Wonder Woman lost her similar footwear - mind, we know out girl did visit Groovy Di Prince's boutique!

Hadn't Supergirl actually gone back to boots (borrring!) by the time she went to New Athens Experimental School?

Anonymous said...

Spider-Gwen, as seen in the Spider-Verse film, but not in the comics, wears the ballet slippers now. Makes more sense when your power is sticking to walls.

I'd probably find one of the action figures with articulation and try to get it to balance on the lip of the cup, just for a change of pace - maybe to integrate the cup with its fellow ... Supergirls.


Anonymous said...

The ballet slippers basically were replaced by red boots in her debut in "Superman Family" circa 1974...and that was her "all up" ensemble for almost the next decade...but the "hot pants" (with their weird bagginess) would slowly morph during this period into sleeker form fitting "athletic shorts".

Anyway nice archeological find!