Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Leviathan (Back-Up) Theory-Hawk and Dove Revisited

The DC Comics October 2019 Solicits came out last week.

As usual, I pored over the cover for Event Leviathan #5 to look for any early clues that might be gleaned from it.

And, not surprisingly, one came to mind. Unfortunately, it isn't a clue to corroborate my Leviathan is Ted Kord theory. Instead, it leans into my #1 back-up theory. The 'we' of Leviathan is Hawk and Dove. You can read that back-up theory here: 

And I can't help but look at this cover, look at that portion of the Leviathan mask, gaze at it as a negative space and think of one character.


Extant was the name Hawk took when he stopped calling himself Monarch.

Extant utilized chronal energy in hopes of rewriting time. He could create entropy rifts.

Now let's say that the 'shifting' energy of the Leviathan Enforcer is some sort of chronal nudge.  That would fit with the powers of both Monarch and Extant.

But that would make the Enforcer Hank Hall.

And that would mean Leviathan is Dove. Under the armor and the cloak, that could be Dawn Granger. And somehow Dove has taken an Extant-like identity for herself.

While I think the Leviathan army uniform is more akin to a beetle, you could look at the point ends of the cape as being similar to Hawk's classic uniform.

Also, in Action Comics #1013, Robinson Goode points out that Leviathan both offers Rose a place in the organization and tries to kill her. That sounds like two people, somewhat opposed in thought and choice. Like one is order and one is chaos.

And with Leviathan always using 'we', that also makes sense.

Heck, I have already done a Entomology post on this site. Squint a little and the Leviathan mask could also emulate a dove's face close up.

Perhaps my back-up theory has a little more merit.

What do you think?


Martin Gray said...

Some interesting possible clues but I can’t see DC peeing off the Hawk and Dove fans twice in the same way. Especially now that Hawk and Dove are on the television regularly.

Anj said...

Don't want to tick off the 2 Hawk and Dove fans out there.

After all, Paul Hix and I hold grudges.