Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Melissa Benoist Signature

I really love the community of comic fans I am a part of on social media.

It is so easy to be negative. We all know the power of anonymity on-line.

But I believe in lighting a candle, not cursing the darkness. And somehow, I have found like-minded individuals on line, positive people who point out what they love in comics and pop culture rather than attack what they don't.

The group is definitely generous. I have my little #TopSecretProject where I send signed books to folks. I am always surprised at the number of packages that get sent my way.

So I was pretty excited when Professor Alan of the Relatively Geeky network sent me a Supergirl photo autographed by .... MELISSA BENOIST!

I don't know the details behind his obtaining this. I can't believe he sent it to me!

But I will cherish it!

I hope to meet Ms. Benoist in person some day! But for now, this is a cherished part of the collection!

Thanks Prof! And thanks to everyone who is part of the Supergirl and comic community!


Martin Gray said...

What a lovely gesture! I'd like to meet Melissa B, but Professor Alan would be even more exciting!

Relatively Geeky said...

But meeting Sir Martin of Gray would be the MOST exciting.

The most important thing about the picture is that it didn't cost anyone, ANYTHING! Professor Alan must stay on brand!

This was sent to me by a lovely listener named Carla, who picked it up at the end of a Wizard World event, when a "pick one in exchange for a charity donation" deal turned into "take a few of these, whatever, we're closing up soon" scenario. So this one, along with a few others, made their way to us, and this one definitely had to head up north to Dr Anj!


KET said...

Congratulations on the get! A pretty nifty present for any Super fan!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Anj! Helluva something to get for ANY Superfan! :) Enjoy and treasure!


Timothy S. Brannan said...

That is really cool! I love it when the fan community shows love to each other rather than fighting all the time.