Thursday, August 8, 2019

Terrificon Prep

Con season starts with a bang on Friday and so I think posting might be a little off at the beginning of next week as I try to settle back in.

It didn't help that to clear the decks for this upcoming weekend at Terrificon that I worked like a dog this week at work. Many clinical hours. Many late nights.

All of that will be behind me tomorrow morning when I pack the car and head to the con. And despite having met many of the guests at prior cons, I still have a ton of books I am bringing in hopes of getting them signed.

But the real mission on day one is setting up commissions.

And I have two I am really hoping to obtain and then an open third slot with some possibilities.

 The hope is to get on Colleen Doran's sketch list. Doran is a huge Legion and Supergirl fan. And I have been a fan of hers for a long time so I am hoping to head to her table early and drop off the book. I think I'll let Doran decide which Supergirl costume she wants to draw.

Next on the list is Dan Jurgens.

As a Superman fan, I have nothing but praise for Jurgens who has written and revitalized Superman so many times over the last 3 decades. It was during the Death of Superman year that Matrix Supergirl started to become a hero.

I am hoping beyond hope that he will be sketching and I am able to get on his list. Definitely Matrix style costume if I am lucky enough to get a sketch.

I can probably only afford one other commission and I think it will all depend on pricing and availability. The con is just a massive collection of superstar comic talent so I have plenty of options. But top of the list would be either Liam Sharp or Dan Brereton.

I already have a Brereton as a framed piece but would love one in my book. And Sharp's art has been jaw-dropping in Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. So I'd be happy with either.

I hope to run into friends there over the three days!

Who else is going?


Martin Gray said...

I'd expect a Liam Kara would be amazing.

Anyway, have a terrific time ;)

Rob S. said...

Wish I could go. It's not *too* far from where I am in NJ, but it's falling on a weekend between one vacation and a long weekend at a music festival, and I need a week to just stay home and recharge. Next year I'm going to put T-Con on my calendar earlier, and might be able to plan for a day of it.

Have a blast!