Thursday, August 15, 2019

Boston Fan Expo - Last Prep Post

People laugh when I call summer my 'Convention Season'.

But it seems so appropriate.

And nothing makes that more evident than the fact that with Terrificon still in my rear view mirror, I am prepping for Boston Fan Expo this upcoming weekend.

Fan Expo is more of a pop culture convention and less of a pure comic con. The draw here is as much for celebrities and voice actors.That said, there are certainly a number of big comic guests at this con each year and this year is no different.

What is interesting is that the biggest names (Todd McFarlane and Marc Silvestri) are creators pretty much missing from my collection. I have some early DC McFarlane stuff, and a handful of Silvestri New X-Men issues. But none of them are 'important' enough for me to consider standing in those lines and paying big bucks for premium packages.

And, also interesting, this is the first con where I think I am not looking to get a commission. I'll bring a sketch book and see if anything falls into my lap. But otherwise, I think I am there just to meet and get some signatures.

Most importantly though, the best thing about this con is that I am meeting so many friends I have made in social media. The Fire and Water crew (Shag, Rob, and Ryan), Diabolu Frank, Tim Price, WardhillTerry, Keith G. Baker and others are all going to be there. I can't wait to hang out with this wonderful community I feel blessed to be part of.

 As for guests I am excited to see, read on.

I've been a fan of Cloonan's for a while now, getting a commission from her way back in 2010.

Her recent covers of Shade The Changing Girl were spectacular.

Plus, she'll be one more signature on Harley Quinn #0. This is the one autograph I have to get.

I was thrilled when I saw Dan Slott was coming to the show. Incredibly, I don't have a single issue of Spider-Man written by him.

What I do have are unbelievably, incredible runs on She-Hulk (my favorite run on one of my favorite characters) and Silver Surfer. I am willing to wait in that line to shake his hand for his tremendous work on both of those titles.

Lee Bermejo drew the Superman/Gen13 mini-series I love.

He also was involved with Action Comics #775, 'What's so funny about Truth, Justice, and the American Way', one of my favorite issues overall.  I am hoping to get some signatures from him as well.

I have been a fan of Joe Quinones work since his run on Wednesday Comics.

Now he is drawing Dial H For Hero, one of my favorite current titles. I can't wait to talk to him about the myriad of styles he has to adopt in that book.

And lastly, I hope to run into Jody Houser (and hopefully Steve Orlando at the same time) so I can pick their brains about their run on Supergirl.

Anyone else going?

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