Monday, August 26, 2019

Full DC November 2019 Solicits

Last week, DC released their complete solicits for November 2019. Here is a link to see all the books:

They had done something of a preview of some of the books earlier, showcasing the 'acetate cover' books which have a clear overlay which changes the initial image. I wrote about how disappointed I was with the Supergirl one last month here:

Now we know a little bit more about the Year of the Villain, who the Batman Who Laughs infects, and what issues we will see these heroes turned villain.

No big surprise, I am pretty tired with the whole darkening of good characters. I don't know how this infection happens. But it would be nice if DC recognized that Kara has gone through these dark periods before and it never seems to work. How I would have loved it if somehow Kara rejected this evil turn. Or was considered too good for the Batman Who Laughs to even try on her.

Instead we once again get this dreck played out. Even if it is temporary, it feels wrong.

written by MARC ANDREYKO
acetate cover by DAN MORA
card stock variant cover by DERRICK CHEW

Supergirl—the infected! Brainiac-1 attempts to contact Supergirl at the Fortress of Solitude, but for what nefarious purpose? No matter what he has planned, things are about to go from bad to worse as Supergirl heads on a collision course with the Batman Who Laughs! He’s targeted Superman as part of his plan to infect heroes and transform them into their twisted Dark Multiverse counterparts—but Supergirl gets caught in the crossfire, and the Year of the Villain stakes get even higher! 

I don't even care if somehow she sacrifices herself to the infection to save Superman from going dark (as may be implied here). I am sick of this take on Supergirl. 

I wish I know who to blame for continuously picking this scab. 

On to the rest of the books.


What was Supergirl’s last day on Krypton like? Before her entire world came crumbling down, did she get to say goodbye to her loved ones? Tell the boy who sat next to her in science class her true feelings for him? Take a deep dive into Supergirl’s darkest regrets and desires as the Batman Who Laughs’ infection takes over her core memories and twists them to his bidding!

So we get an Annual but it is a Dark Supergirl annual.

I know that this is the New 52 Universe still. So I thought we knew a fair bit about that last day. But I suppose between Rebirths and other mini-blips, it might be time to take another look.

But a villain twisting Supergirl doesn't seem like a good way to promote the character in her own annual.

I am so sick of complaining about this take on the character.

art and cover by ALEX MALEEV
variant cover by BRYAN HITCH

From the Eisner Award-winning team of superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis and groundbreaking artist Alex Maleev, the shocking conclusion to the biggest DC mystery of the year! Who is Leviathan? What do they want? How have they dismantled the most powerful secret agencies in the world? And what’s their next deadly move? The greatest detectives of the DC Universe descend on Leviathan, and all the answers are revealed! Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of this storyline!

I was so positive that my Leviathan Theory was right that I basically have crowed about it.

But covers have clues.

That first one, the 'eye' staring at me from the forehead makes me think I need to think about Despero.

The Leviathan troops looking like OMACs when in shadow make me think I need to consider Maxwell Lord.

If it is Maxwell Lord, I might cry.

Regardless, I have loved this series and I have devoured the mystery. Can't believe this will be the end.

This time, I really hope I'm right.

acetate cover by JOHN ROMITA JR. and KLAUS JANSON
card stock variant cover by LUCIO PARRILLO

“Invisible War” part one! It’s one of the biggest creator reunions in years as writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist John Romita Jr. join forces for the first time since their blockbuster turns on Avengers and Avengers Vs. X-Men. In this issue, it’s all-out war on the streets of Metropolis—and at the end of this epic there will be a huge change to the status quo of the world of Superman—you do not want to miss this!

I am not a big fan of John Romita Jr.

Invisible War hopefully means that a confrontation with the Invisible Mafia is going to happen. I have been enjoying seeing that simmer since Bendis cam on board so I won't mind seeing a little resolution.

I guess I am intrigued. I didn't think the Mafia had enough bruisers to defeat the whole JLA as seen on the cover.

acetate cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
variant cover by ADAM HUGHES

Superman’s new Fortress of Solitude sits in the most remote corner of the Bermuda Triangle. Constructed using Kryptonian technology far beyond anything our world knows, filled with intergalactic, pan-dimensional secrets from all over the could it possibly be missing?

Hey, if I am ticked off about Supergirl's treatment, I wonder what the Lois fans are thinking. I don't want an infected Lois either!

I do like that Kevin Maguire is on art. I have heard Reis is coming back after a much needed break to get ahead a little.

art and cover by RYAN SOOK
card stock variant cover by JIM CHEUNG
card stock variant cover by RYAN SOOK
blank variant cover

Welcome to the 31st century! Inspired by the acts of and lessons learned from the greatest heroes of all time, the Legion of Super-Heroes have gathered together to stop a galaxy from repeating its past mistakes. The greatest lineup of heroes in comic book history returns with new, fresh, and reader-friendly stories! Eisner Award-winning writer Brian Michael Bendis reteams with master artist Ryan Sook (Action Comics) for one of the most ambitious mainstream comic books ever created! Why have the Legion of Super-Heroes broken the cardinal rule of the United Planets and inducted Jon Kent, a.k.a. Superboy, into the Legion? What are they hiding? And what does it have to do with Aquaman’s long-lost trident?

Now we are getting somewhere!

A new Legion book on the rack! A cover filled with goodies to mull over! The destruction of Earth! A Computo AI? A Superboy as a member?

Trust me ... I am in!

written by GREG RUCKA
art and cover by MIKE PERKINS
variant cover by MIRKA ANDOLFO

As Lois delves deeper into a mystery whose answers could shake the entire DC Universe to its core, the Question hunts the people responsible for an attempt on the famed reporter’s life. But do they want her dead because of what she knows or to stop her from finding out more?

Nothing in this solicit that wasn't known at the end of the second issue.

I am loving the book. The art is great. And I love this cover with the problems of guns under the surface and a puzzle to solve.

written by MATT FRACTION
art and cover by STEVE LIEBER
variant cover by BEN OLIVER

Jingles sell, Batman smells, A prank war goes astray, A Batmobile lost a wheel (literally), ’Cause Jimmy stole it from the valet!

Silver Age insanity.

Love it.

acetate cover by EMANUELA LUPACCHINO
card stock variant cover by OLIVIER COIPEL

Even from prison, the Batman Who Laughs is staying two steps ahead of the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel. His plan to infect heroes and turn them into the Dark Multiverse versions of themselves is starting to build steam, with Shazam and others already succumbing to his evil toxin. Batman and Superman are racing the clock to prevent the other three members of the Secret Six from being poisoned, but they realize they are too late when those three come looking for them instead—one of whom is a lot closer to Superman than expected and itching for a fight!

Let me guess, either Lois or Supergirl is going to fight Superman in this issue.

It seems that this book is going to be crucial for characters who I follow closely so I may be a little stuck in buying it.

Given the whole thrust of the book is fighting this daffy Batman Who Laughs, I am glad the title isn't World's Finest.

written by MARC ANDREYKO

Caught in the middle of a Vega System civil war, a powerless Supergirl struggles to rescue as many slaves as she can from the brutal hands of the Citadel. And then, it’s Supergirl and the Omega Men versus...more Supergirls?! Plus, the Omega Men’s secret base of operations is attacked by the Citadel, who brought with them an entire army of Supergirls who all don’t seem to be built quite right. Collects Supergirl #27-33.

And finally, here is the collection of the second half of the Rogol Zaar epic in Supergirl's title.

I wish DC would include some extras in these things. Give me a foreword. An interview. Process art pieces. Something.

Anyways, did I miss anything?


Martin Gray said...

As regards Leviathan, a central eye says Starro to me more than Despero.

Infected, Kara, infected Lois, bleurghhhh... but it would be very interesting were the Lois bit to tie into the evil Mrs Kent in Justice League 3001, who was so very ticked off at Clark. As if!

The Lois mini is very accomplished but I could really do without all the Question stuff... and I wish it was a bit more fun.

I can't even be bothered to read solicitations involving The Batman Who Bores. This book isn't going to be crucial, it will all be ignored soon enough, save your hard-earned!

Steve said...

For the DC books you feel you have to read for homework, do what I do and just read the Too Dangerous For A Girl review instead. Mister Gray suffers so we don't have to! (Thanks, M!)

Anonymous said...

I want this to not be bad. I gave Red Daughter a chance, and it turned out to be very good.

But I swear, every tine I see a Whomever That Laughs character I just hope the superhero union helps with dental plans because there’s a lot of work here for a good Periodontist.

Anonymous said...

Laura Braga's art would be wasted on the Supergirl Annual if it's a horror book. She's notable at DC for DC Bombshells, and for Wonder Woman #51 with Steve Orlando. She draws beautiful, not horror-infected, women.

I can't recall a Robert Venditti take on Supergirl. Has he written her before?

I had held a wish for G. Willow Wilson to take over the writing for Supergirl, but she's actually leaving Wonder Woman for some secret project. I had enjoyed her stories, especially when she injected humor, something lacking in Supergirl entirely.

Steve Orlando will be taking over Wonder Woman. (I think his first issue is #82, the acetate cover book coming in November.)

I read something where Scott Snyder said the Lex/Doom story isn't just going to ignore the Batman Who Laughs - competitive monstrosities have to deal with each other, after all. Batman Who Laughs is the whole premise of Batman/Superman. So, I don't expect BWL to be going away anytime soon. Horror is selling, big time.

The villains' success will supposedly be complete in November, with the complete hostile takeover (of the books). Hopefully that means a few months of fighting back and then success. But it might take longer. I think the Doom side of the story might run through the end of 2020.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

Unless there is some Kryptonite or magic involved, shouldn't Supergirl (and Superman) be immune to any corrupting infection? I will admit, I've never read a Batman Who Laughs story, so I know next to nothing about him or his abilities.

"I wish I knew who to blame for continuously picking this scab."

The writers certainly have much responsibility, but in the end, I believe most of the blame should go to DC Editorial/Management. I don't think its just coincidence that "Dark, Corrupted Supergirl" turns up every few years.

By the way, I see that next year DC is publishing "Justice League of America: A Celebration of 60 Years". This anniversary is certainly worth celebrating, but it's also a reminder that Supergirl's 60th was ignored completely.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments and commiseration.

I can only hope we get through this next cycle of Dark Kara.

Anonymous said...

The inside cover of the November acetate shows what looks like Supergirl intercepting a Batarang intended for Superman, and it is releasing some green smoke/gas.

My interpretation is that it's Kryptonite gas exploding on contact to allow the true payload - Batman Who Laughs Virus or whatever it is - to pierce the skin.

We'll see. The story probably hasn't even been written yet.


Martin Gray said...

Steve, thanks for the kind shout-out!

Anonymous said...

Y'know I tell you, I love DC Comics Characters, but I have come to hate the company with a mortal passion.
Indeed what other reaction is possible given the way they treat the readership, specifically the Supergirl fan base? Marvel Panders to an Appalling and Hilarious Degree, but DC tortures its audiences thinking that somehow means better sales.
I mean think about this, Supergirl gets an Annual, so many extra pages to explore literally a half dozen dangling plot threads (examples, "The Fate of the Danvers" "Have her friends forgotten Kara Danvers", "Is the DEO in the hands of another super villain", "Will Supergirl join the Legion"??) and what do we get? Kara Zor El as the Malevolent Zombie Villainess in her own Annual!!!!! ALL to drive home the point that things are getting precarious for...Kal El! DC Editorial thinks Supergirl is Furniture...I can explain it no other way.
At a time when Supergirl has broken out of floppies for good and headlined an ongoing live action TV Show as well as two animated series, a YA series and much more, her solo book has become a grotesque embarrassment, this is what happens when hate animates the creative process.


Rob S. said...

I've definitely become The DC Fan Who Skips Anything Featuring The Batman Who Laughs. I hope he doesn't infect the books I like to read too deeply. He's definitely making me glad I decided to drop Supergirl after her space adventure, though. (I realize it's harder to drop a favorite character -- I'm definitely a fair-weather fan of Kara's. If it were the Flash getting this treatment, I'd be more likely to suffer through it...which isn't to say that DC has never pushed me away from that book, just that it's a much harder thing to do.)

Can't wait for the Legion!