Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sales Review - June 2019

The sales numbers for June have come out and as usual, I find ICv2's coverage of the month to be the best coverage. Here is a link:

The super-titles are transitioning a bit in plot. The Leviathan plots are heating up. The House of El/Unity Saga is coming to a close. And finally, the super-family is together in story.

Supergirl #31 was an important part of the Unity Saga story with Supergirl joining Superman and Superboy in thwarting Rogol Zaar and General Zod's attacks on Jor-El. This also was an issue which showed scenes from Superman #12 from a different perspective. So seeing the action unfold from different character's viewpoints was a nice touch.

But the big thing was that this was a Superman Family story. The cousins are together. So how did it sell?

The book had 20,903 units ordered, landing at spot #99 on the top 300 list.

That number is up from #30 which had 18443. And, of note, there was no Artgerm or special variant cover. This increase might be secondary to increased interest? Possibly folding this title into a Superman story brought in new readers?

Event Leviathan #1 also came out last month.

I have been very excited about this story line and I have been picking the clues apart.

It seems a quieter sort of crossover event, a mystery rather than a cosmic fist fight.

I was glad to see just over 74K books ordered for the title.

I didn't expect this book to be a huge seller just based on perceived overall impact. So this number is actually a little higher than I anticipated.

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Anonymous said...

If Supergirl gets "infected" she might become part of the Secret Six, to be featured in the upcoming Batman/Superman.

The solicitation for Batman/Superman #4 (on sale 11/27) says "Batman and Superman are racing the clock to prevent the other three members of the Secret Six from being poisoned, but they realize they are too late when those three come looking for them instead—one of whom is a lot closer to Superman than expected and itching for a fight!"

Well, the November acetate covers show Lois threatening Superman with a large rock of Kryptonite, but also shows Kara being hit with what appears to be a kryptonite-laced batarang. So perhaps one or both of them will be part of the Secret Six. Either of them could the one who "is a lot closer to Superman than expected."

A regular appearance in another book would be good for Supergirl, but I'm not sure I'd want to see Laugh-Infected Supergirl all that much.

If you haven't seen the November acetate covers, DC just put them out a month early, with the October solicitations. They're all listed together here:

You basically get 2 covers for 3.99 - a transparent plastic cover, and a regular one right underneath it. Looking at the set, I've tried to guess which will be the transparent one, with no luck yet.

(Then there's technically a 3rd cover - the variant, which more and more often has a card stock cover for $4.99. No charge for bringing your own fingerprints.)