Monday, July 22, 2019

DC Superhero Girls #LostAndFound

Lauren Faust's new take on DC Superhero Girls remains a fun Looney Tunes romp through the DC Universe. One thing I have liked is seeing some tiny personality quirks begin to stick to these characters. While each of the main girls fits a certain personality trait akin to the My Little Pony gang, we are starting to see some other secondary characteristics stick. I love it.

I also think this is something of a throwback cartoon with wacky violence and even gentle teasing injected into the shorts. I suppose it is only a matter of time before someone complains. Until then, I am soaking it in.

The latest short, #LostAndFound, is now available on YouTube:

Diana has lost her magic lasso, the Lasso of Truth, and knows that mischief is about to explode.

She asks Supergirl for a hand trying to find it.

I love getting this sneak peek into the contents of Diana's locker. A 'Happy 317th Birthday' card! An abacus! A burrito bucket jacket! All funny!

It turns out Harley Quinn has stolen the lasso. And, Harley being Harley, maximum hijinks ensue!

Her first victims? Self-congratulatory, hipster-appearing vegans who coo about how great it is living that lifestyle only to admit under the influence of the lasso that they really want a burger.

I do wonder if the vegan community will complain.

And then we get a funny tour through this cast, each character compelled to tell the truth and admitting something shocking.

Barbara Minerva admits that her hair is dyed, supplemented by extensions, and that much of the rest of her look is artificial.

Hal initially says he is the hottest guy in the school but with the lasso corrects himself to hottest guy ever. Hey, that's his truth.

Bumblebee waxes poetic about some teen drama series only to admit that she finds the stories idiotic and the acting wooden. In one of those wonderful DCSHG moments, we get a pullaway from above shot as she screams 'nooo'! Very dramatic and Hollywood. I love the 'cinematography' of this show.

Then in lunch, a new student Garth admits he is Aqualad. But no one seems to care.

My favorite is when Giganta, smashing through a city street, admits she is overcompensating for her own insecurities. When a nearby couple says they pity her because she is lashing out from pain, it short circuits the rampage.


Racing through the city, Diana reminds Supergirl that another property of the lasso is its magical, infinite length.

Whoever is using it could get hurt.

Sure enough, Harley Quinn is going to use it to bungee jump off a bank roof with some stolen cash. Only as she is plummeting to her death does she realize the lasso really has no end. Thankfully, she crashes into a tree, roping herself up in the process.

Whew, no street pizza!

One thing I love about this is before Diana can get serious, Kara steps in saying that Harley is really 'in a bind'. Yes, Supergirl plays the role of iconoclast and 'bad girl'. But I love that she has a knack and appreciation for puns and that is part of her here. (Remember, in the Cheetah episode she was a font of bad puns.) It is these little character nuances that will make these heroes more well rounded.

Anyways, another fun episode! Really loving this.

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There is nothing more "Silver Age" than a heroine who is addicted to "Groaners"....