Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Leviathan Theory: Action Comics #1013 Clues

Action Comics #1013 came out last week and I must admit was a little lean in aiding my 'Leviathan is Ted Kord with help from the other Charlton heroes' theory.

Most of the clues that came out of this seemed to be information around the Leviathan army. Something concrete. And something that was vague enough to point at just about anyone.

But still, it is worth reviewing the information to look for patterns.

And, as usual, I am picking up a meta-textual clue vibe, a way for Bendis and the artists to give you a subliminal clue of where the story is headed. 

I can tell you that if this issue did anything, it spawned a new back-up theory, one you will hear about soon.

Let's review the metatextual one first.

So remember that the reason I ended up with my Ted Kord guess is that there were so many Watchmen references sprinkled into the Leviathan story that I initially thought it was Dan Dreiberg. But given Doomsday Clock and all the Watchmen stuff there, I assumed DC would say they were off limits. So why not have the original characters, the ones the Watchmen were derivative of, then become derivative of their analogs, like some ouroboros.

And in prior Leviathan Theory posts, I have pointed out all the Watchmen references I have found.

In Action Comics #1013, we start out with Mama Leone facing off against Lex Luthor.

We cut to the Daily Planet where Perry White is talking to Robinson Goode.

But blink and you'll miss it and you get a transition of someone walking on the street outside the Planet.

Nothing happens by accident.

These are planned panels.

You can't look at that and tell me you don't see this.

Or this ...

And not think of this ...

Now it is hard because I don't think the Question, the Rorschach derivative is in on the Leviathan scheme. And this person walking in puddles, outside of rain-pocked angels statues is definitely signalling Rorschach.

But more Watchmen vibes makes me think the Ted Kord guess is right.

Otherwise ...

We do get a closer look at the Leviathan Army gear, albeit in the darkness of Rose's apartment.

Looking at the back of the one kneeling, the cobbled appearance of the plate, the sharp ends of the cape is very evocative of a scarab beetle carapace.

Here we see the sort of pock marked shell of an actual beetle, knowing this opens up at the bottom, similar those cape/tunic endings.

I suppose you could squint and think that is also reminiscent of Hawk's cape. But I think more scarab.

And the idea that the Leviathan armor can stymie Superman's x-ray vision as well as be wired with teleportation technology seems to point to a science kind of character which would fit Ted as well.

Lastly, I don't know if this is a clue or not. The idea of Leviathan asking Rose to join the team but then sending out a hit squad is interesting.

It could show that the Charlton heroes are the heads of the organization, hence the 'we' of 'We are Leviathan.'

Joining the team sounds like a Ted thing.
Sending a hit squad sounds like a Captain Atom thing.

But the big clues were the uniform and that Watchmen transition.

Ted Kord is Leviathan.

This time I am right.

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Martin Gray said...

The beetle-like outfits are pretty convincing as clues go, but I really don’t see sending hitmen out as a Captain Atom thing, it’s more General Eiling.