Friday, July 5, 2019

Leviathan Theory - Entomology

By now everyone who comes here is probably aware of my main Leviathan Theory , the idea that Ted Kord is leading the 'Charlton Heroes' in a way to wrest control of the world and bring order.

From Captain Atom as the 'Enforcer' to Nightshade as a lieutenant to all the Watchmen references, I am pretty confidant of this pick.

As a result I am looking for any clue, even the vaguest whiff of a clue to help bolster this idea.

So from cover layouts to power visualizations to Leviathan's handcuffs, I have been doing my best to force the clues to fit my paradigm.

So what about Leviathan himself?

Well, I mentioned how the mask as we had seen it was familiar to Carapax, an armor linked to Blue Beetle.

At the end of Action Comics #1012, we get an up close look at Leviathan's mask. This is one intricate and detailed rendering by new Action artist Szymon Kudranski. And I thought it was our best look yet.

And there was something about it ...

There was something about the details around the mouth, a sort of U encircling the mouth with a sort of break at the bottom. It seemed to invoke the feeling of pincers.

So, I leaned into some entomology and found this picture of a Longhorn Beetle up close.

And the look of the pincers, the area around and above the mouth, the markings and lines, it all reminded me of the Leviathan mask.

A beetle like mask on Leviathan?

Okay, who knows if this is my anchoring bias weighing me down again.

But I have to think there is some family resemblance here.

Leviathan is Ted Kord.

This time I'm right.

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Martin Gray said...

This is such fun, good spot Anj!

I want a reminder of the times you were wrong.