Sunday, July 28, 2019

Amazing Heroes #91: Supergirl Anniversary

It has been 34 years since Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Thirty-four years!

And despite having picked over that series with a fine tooth comb for all things Supergirl related, including a seriously deep dive into it during its 30 year anniversary here on the site, I keep running across new things.

Back in April, I did several posts based on articles in the special post-Crisis issue of Amazing Heroes. This was a true treasure for a historian like me, especially one who lived through the Crisis.

So here we are on Sunday, July 28, 2019.

What happened 34 years ago today?

According to a pretty extensive actual timeline laid out in the issue, Supergirl died on Sunday, July 28th, 1985, Supergirl died while fighting the Anti-Monitor.

Pretty serendipitous that the year that I found this magazine, the days of the week align, allowing me to do this true anniversary.

And pretty impressive that the ripples of Crisis #7 are still being felt today. We are even getting a Crisis on Infinite Earths on the CW shows this year.

So let's all bow our heads for a moment of silence today to remember this noble death of our hero.

Godspeed pre-Crisis Supergirl. You have earned your rest.


Martin Gray said...

‘Let her courage give us courage, let her love give us love, and let her hope give us hope.’

Anonymous said...

The CW crossover this year is being headed by Marc Guggenheim who was also overseeing it last year. We all know just how little Supergirl was used in last year's plotline so I have no hopes that she will be given any kind of huge moments in this year's as well. This is supposed to be oliver Queen's farewell and with two Supermen being coming as well, I seriously doubt we will get all the iconic moments. Will Kara die? Yes she will but will she be the one to ultimately kick Anti monitor's ass as revenge for what was done to her 34 years ago? I doubt this. Guggenheim won't allow it. I feel like those of us who watched arrow and how he treated black canary can attest to this.

Anonymous said...

@Martin Gray
+9000 to that. Beautifully said!

I'm reserving judgement on TheCW's COIE crossover till it airs, but I do hope that in addition to Supergirl herself being more involved
in the plot, more of the Supergirl 2ndary characters are involved as well. My personal sense is during the crossovers, they seem to have
plenty of time for Arrow and Flash's characters and plotpoints, but the Supergirl side of things is completely shunted aside.

The news that Brandon Routh donning the Superman suit again, plus Tyler H and Lois Lane's return is DEFINITELY welcome!

Still alot of months yet till this airs, but I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Meh, we talk about this too much. Its as if in "life" Supergirl the fictional character is perpetually tethered to COIE#7, "The Day She Became Interesting to the Non-Fans, Which the Day Before she was Expelled from Continuity Along with Her Fans".
I'm looking forward to the Crisis TV event, mostly with a sense of wary relief some other character is gonna get sacrificed...hate to put it in those terms but its true for me at least.


Anj said...

Thanks for comments!

As I have said, I have come full circle on Crisis 7. It’s hugely important and involves Suoergirl. So I’ll keep writing about it I’m sure. It isn’t an albatross. It’s an honor.

Still, I think it’s Arrow that is dying in the show.