Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Leviathan (Back Up) Theory - Superman?

Have you every been watching a mystery movie and you have think you have solved it.

And then a crazy idea creeps into your head and you begin to question your original thoughts?

There is no doubt I have my Leviathan Theory.  Leviathan is Ted Kord and his lieutenants are the other Charlton Heroes. I am sticking with it.

But permit me another post to discuss a crazy back-up theory that crept into my mind the other night.

A while back on Twitter, blog friend Mark Danvers wondered what was going on with Lana Lang, a character not really seen a ton since the end of her Superwoman comic.

And that kernel blossomed into a crazy new Leviathan guess.

Let's head down the rabbit hole.

One of the things that is clear about Leviathan is that he is a former super-hero.

He wants the same thing as Superman does. He even left a note saying so.

(True of Blue Beetle as well.)

And Leviathan himself says so to Batgirl.

But one thing that he also says is that 'tomorrow isn't a guarantee'. It hints that maybe something tragic has happened to Leviathan. Like maybe he died and has been resurrected.

(This is true of Blue Beetle as well.)

Meanwhile, one of my big assumptions is that the Leviathan Enforcer is a separate character. This is a huge leap for me. Maybe the Enforcer is actually Leviathan. We haven't seen them in the same room after all.

This Enforcer has some major energy powers, something like a massive energy flare. Hmmm ...

Now Superman has said that there was something familiar about the energy.

But Batman also says there is something other-worldly about the energy.

But perhaps that means other-Earthly.

(Now if Enforcer is a separate person, than this fits the bill for Captain Atom - if you squint a little.)

In Leviathan Rising, we saw that he asks Mama Leone how the Invisible Mafia plan to fight Superman.

It sounds like Leviathan already knows about Superman's thoughts. He is asking to see if there is another angle he hadn't thought about.

So who would know Superman's thoughts very well already?

(This could be true of Blue Beetle.)

And then The Question actually wonders out loud if Superman is Leviathan. After all, no dead bodies. That is a Superman trait. And we know that Leviathan wants what Superman wants.

And having the Question outright say it might be the 'we told you the solution to the mystery very early on' sort of razz that creators might throw out there and laugh about later.

Leviathan even recently hinted that he worked with Plastic Man in the Justice League.

And he comes from a broken world, a dark place that almost killed him.

So here is the back up guess ...

Leviathan is the New 52 Superman that was removed when the Convergence Superman went through the Rebirth/Reborn blender.

We saw that Superman 'die' when he exploded in energy (infusing some into Lana). But we never really saw a body did we.

He would want what Superman would want.
He almost died, so he knows that a tomorrow is not guaranteed.
His energy is otherworldly because that universe/continuity isn't around any more.
He would know his thoughts but he would want to know if *this* Superman thinks differently so he would ask Leone.
He would come from the broken New 52 world. And he was sort of killed.

And he *is* Superman. So the Question would be right.

Now I don't believe this at all. Leviathan is Blue Beetle.
But now you can see the weird paths my mind takes.


Martin Gray said...

As ever, an interesting theory. I thought for a sec there that you were going to say Lana was under the cloak and bug mask... after all, she WAS Insect Queen.

Rob S. said...

One thing to consider... we've actually seen that Superman since he exploded/died/was absorbed. He showed up(in his jeans& teeshirt costume) in the Sideways Annual, co-written by Grant Morrison. I'm not sure how pertinent that is, but it's probably worth some consideration.

DanielT said...

I had totally forgotten about the Superwoman comic. Was that the last time Lana was seen?

Steve said...

Digression: Doesn't Leviathan look like a Rocafort design?