Thursday, July 11, 2019

Leviathan Theory - A Clue In Harley Quinn?

You all know my Leviathan Theory.

I have spoke of Anchoring Bias, the idea that once you have an idea, you cannot move from it.

Now I am manifesting Confirmation Bias, the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.

I believe that Leviathan is Ted Kord.

Now I am seeing confirmation of that idea just about everywhere. Even in comics outside of Event Leviathan and Action Comics.

But a Levithan Theory clue in Harley Quinn #63 ?

Well in the latest issue of Harley Quinn, Harley is in the early stages of grief as she has to deal with her mother's terminal condition.

In the issue, Harley struggling with her feelings about her mother, gets visited by Death. It is a fascinating blend of humor and seriousness as both Harley and her mother come to terms with things. It really is deftly handled by writer Sam Humphries with some gorgeous expressive work by Otto Schmidt.

But there is a Leviathan clue in there. The setting for Quinn's sit-down with death is in an old video store, the end of a beloved franchise. Look closely at the store.

Kord Video.

That's right, this is a meta-textual Leviathan clue, perfect in a book which routinely breaks the fourth wall and is loose with reality.

The end of a beloved franchise. The end of Kord Video?

I can imagine some DC meeting where Brian Michael Bendis said "I am making Ted Kord a villain named Leviathan." And someone said 'The end of the bwa-ha-ha Blue Beetle. A beloved franchise has passed.' Then Sam Humphries said 'I can use that line'.

Of course, because Ted Kord's beloved time as Blue Beetle is coming to an end as he becomes the villainous Leviathan.

Brilliant cross-promoting.

Leviathan Theory!
This time I'm right!


Martin Gray said...

Kordfirmation bias!

King Riot said...

A Ted Kord? Sounds like the person has knowledge of multiverse when talking Plastic man. I'm hoping it's not Roy.

Rob S. said...

Another possible clue / confirmation-bias coincidence:

DC releases new backlist titles on Comixology every Thursday. They've been known to tie in with events in the comics or in other media -- for example, a few years ago, the Wild Dog comics started getting released digitally before the character showed up on Arrow. Or in the comics themselves, DC released a ton of Detective Comics issues in anticipation of Detective Comics 1000.

Anyway, what do we see in today's backlist releases? L.A.W. (Living Assault Weapons) #1 -- the first of a 1999 miniseries by Bob Layton and Dick Giordano focusing on the Charlton heroes as a team.

I'm getting more and more sold on this theory every day. I worry that I'm not looking at the clues objectively any more.