Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Artgerm Supergirl Statue

The shrine got a little bit bigger this week when the Artgerm Supergirl statue finally arrived at the store.

This is a really beautiful piece. It seems to veer near cheesecake. But there is something also wholesome and angelic about it that really makes it a wonderful addition to my collection.

Standing pretty tall on a metal post, giving the illusion of flying, this is a DCAU Supergirl, or a latter half PAD Supergirl depending on your viewpoint. But whatever continuity it is gorgeous.

And the sculpt itself is solid with great details

And how great is it that it truly mirrors the cover of Supergirl #19!

I love when things hearken back to the comics.

One thing I do think is interesting about this sculpt is the paint.

Notice that rather than having shadows form on their own depending on the light source, the paint job does that accentuating for us.

There are grays painted on the shirt to simulate the shadows of the cover. At first I thought this was a two-tone shirt. But now that I know that it is shadows, I am more into the look. Fascinating decision.

The same sort of color differentiation is done on the cape.

Obviously, the cover doesn't give cues. So this was either artist decision, or perhaps Artgerm if he drew a 360 take on the statue.

It is a nice addition to the white shirt section of the collection.

I think an overall look at the shrine might need to happen sooner rather than later.


Professor Feetlebaum said...

Finally, a Supergirl statue by Artgerm that doesn't require taking out a bank loan to afford! I like the flying pose, it looks like she's hovering over the other white shirt figures in the collection.

I read somewhere that when Artgerm did the cover for Supergirl #19 he was inspired by Bruce Timm's animation drawings which is why he did the shadows like that. Nice to see it carry over to the statue.

"...This was either artist decision, or perhaps Artgerm if he drew a 360 take on the statue."

I wonder how much the artist (whether Artgerm or whoever) IS involved in these things. I know that when Another Rainbow put out a series of figurines based on Carl Barks' duck paintings back in the 80s, Barks did drawings of Donald and $crooge from all angles as a guide to the sculptor. In this case, is Artgerm consulted along the way? Does he have final approval over the statue, or is his involvement over once his drawing is done? The comic cover had Supergirl's legs cut off above the knee. Did Artgerm "complete" the picture and add the lower part of the legs? Or did Artgerm originally draw the full figure and DC cropped it for the cover?

I wonder if DC (or any company that produces statues) has ever considered doing a 30 minute video showing how a figure like this is created from the beginning to the end? They could start with the initial drawing and follow it through to the completion of the prototype.

SimB said...

Absolutely beautiful Anj. There's nothing wrong with a little cheesecake.
Looks like a perfect addition to your shrine