Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Supergirl On Canadian Money!

How big is Supergirl right now?
Canada is putting her on money!

Okay, maybe not the day-to-day currency. We are talking about those commemorative coins that I see when flipping by QVC. The Canadian Mint is putting out a bunch of DC hero inspired silver coins. And they might be $10 silver coins, they sell for just under $55 canadian dollars.

But boy, are they beautiful!

Check out this one with Supergirl wearing a Matrix-style costume, hands on hips, beautifully smiling. This is the work of Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. And the etched background panel is Garcia-Lopez' style guide of the headbanded Supergirl.


It comes in a beautiful box, again adorned with Garcia-Lopez stock art.

And the outside of the box has the theme of 'Strength' (or 'Puissance') . Just a gorgeous box.

There is a second coin as well with a flying Supergirl on the coin. This time the etching is of classic Batgirl and Wonder Girl, a sort of bronze age SBFF's.

Once again the box is lovely. Now we have Supergirl in color with Batgirl behind. Lovely.

Interestingly enough, this box is Batgirl centric with Supergirl and Wonder Girl in the background.

There are others in the series with Superman. I really just want the boxes!

Look at the old school Wonder Girl one! So fantastic.

Are any of my Canadian friends going to splurge?


Martin Gray said...

As if having Siskoid and the Panel Culture boys isn't enough! I'm moving to Canada.

But who's the guy in green at bottom left? With Mxy and Eighties Brainiac? Zod?

Anonymous said...

REAL NAME: Kara Zor-El
OCCUPATION: Super hero
WEIGHT: 135 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
FIRST APPEARANCE: Action Comics #252 (February 1959)

...hmm, did DC ever release such detailed stats of our favorite heroine? And when was Kara Zor-El ever based on Themyscira, except maybe
the 2004 reintro where she trained?

@Martin Grey
Check out this link and hover over the 4 boxes --;jsessionid=25BF4387C09ACD9FF334661C56236038.node2-2?rcmiid=ban|homepage|featuredcoins|12_oz_Fine_Silver_Coloured_4-Coin_Subscription_-_DC_Comics_Originals_2015_-_5495|storecoins12-oz-fine-silver-coloured-4coin-subscription-dc-comicsE284A2-originals-2015-prod2470099jsessionid25BF4387C09ACD9FF334661C56236038node2-2&#.Vd3Nvpe5I8I

To me, looks like Mixylplk(sp?) and Braniac, but for the life of me I can't ID the main guy.

...and speaking as a guy north of the 49th, THIS CAN'T COME OUT SOON ENOUGH!!! The PITA is getting stuff like this
in the Post Offices -- RCM's only brick-and-mortar retailer -- is harder than a fullmouth root canal sans anasthetic.
I've never dealt with RCM online or catalogue orders myself.


Anonymous said... always, thanks for finding and sharing, Anj!! Now to have an argument with the wallet about picking up a couple full sets of these :)


Martin Gray said...

Thanks Anon - thinking on, the mystery man is Kara's villainous relative Kru-El. I always wonder if the people making Superman 2 didn't get Kru-El and General Zod mixed up, leading to Terence Stamp and the bearded Zod we've had in the comics ever since.

garyb said...

Looks like the coins are available from the Canadian mint via web order to USA and Canadian customers.

current price is $54.95 CAD

at the moment (8/27 10:45PM ET) 1 USD = 1.32 CAD

"Free ground shipping to US or Canada locations, for purchases over $100"

Silver price currently is $14.52 US per ounce.

Uncle Screensaver said...

I'm splurging; it's so awesome for me to be Canadian and a Supergirl fan! I'm buying the first one, "Strength" and lacking in money has me asking for "Unity" for Christmas. Thanks for pointing this out, Ang, as I had no clue.

I also love how the description in "Unity" has the "Super BFF's" listed as more than just "girl" versions of their mentors. Which may be an added theme of unity as otherwise virtually all "DC Girl Power" includes Diana not Donna.