Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lucy Lane Cast!

I don't anticipate that this site is going to be overwhelmed by Supergirl show news. At least, I hope that overall the focus will be on the comics. But the news about the show keeps coming and I feel I need to report.

We had heard that Lucy Lane was going to be a character on the show at some point. Now we know who will be playing her - Jenna Dewan-Tatum. I had hoped that we would have a silver haired Lucy. I doubt we'll get that here.

Here is the official report from CBS with a blurb that caught my eye:

Jenna Dewan-Tatum is hereby joining the cast of the upcoming CBS show Supergirl. 

The actress will play Lucy Lane, the older sister of a name you might recognize—Lois Lane. Lucy is described as funny, brash (and obviously beautiful) and heads to Supergirl's town to "right a previous wrong." She also has friends in high places; she has a history with James Olsen, played by actor Mehcad Brooks. 

That is a straight lift from the site. Lucy as the 'older sister' of Lois? I hope not. She always has been the younger sister. And coming in to 'right a previous wrong'? It has to be some sort of smoothing over of a difficult break up with Jimmy. It'll play into the obvious attraction Kara has for Jimmy.

I also can't help but think that this is a one episode stint. Maybe she'll be back for a repeat visit. Maybe her job as a flight attendant (fingers crossed) brings her into National City for a layover and she reconnects with Jimmy?

Now the news was reported lots of places with a couple of differences. Here is Variety's link:

Dewan-Tatum is one of many guest stars set for the first season, including “Super” alums Dean Cain and Helen Slater. 
Lucy Lane is described as brash, funny and beautiful as her older sister Lois Lane. Strong, smart and successful in her own right, she’s got a history with Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) and she’s come to town to right a previous wrong.

The label of guest star makes this sound like an episode or two and not a recurring role. And here a rejiggering of words make her now sound like the younger sister.

Lastly, I haven't seen much of Dewan-Tatum outside of a bit of the horror movie Tamara. Anyone care to comment on her acting chops? Her name does brings a bit of buzz to the show.

So much optimism!


Anonymous said...

> At least, I hope that overall the focus will be on the comics.

Well, from what you'd indicated you'd heard from the mouth of Dan Dido, may be awhile yet
before we get any comic news, so I for one will take any Supergirl TV news as I get it :)

And thanks for tempering this casting news with the fact that longer term, we've no idea
whether these slots will be one-offs, recurring, or what. You said it best once when you
indicated that Supergirl needs a strong supporting cast, both friend and foe. They're
definately reaching into the Superman/Supergirl mythos cast for sure... it's how they're
going to use them onscreen that's the question mark at this time.

I for one would hope that these are not going to be one-offs and that they'll have some part
to play in Kara's life and development as the series progresses.

I'm also going to reserve judgement on Dewan-Tatum's appropriateness for the role till we
actually see her on screen.

But yes, Optimisim Level +1,000,000!


Martin Gray said...

Given that we don't really know what the role asks for, let's just assume that as a frequently cast actress, she'll be fine. She certainly brought it as horror freak Teresa in American Horror Story - feisty.

A silver-haired Lucy would look good, but to me she'll always be the blonde she was for most of her comics career.

Now, who gets to be Lena Thorul?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anj. Thought you'd like to see that:

What can you say about Lois Lane’s sister Lucy (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) coming on to the show? Is she on for the long term?

Yeah. She’s going to be heavily recurring. She had been in a relationship with James Olsen, and when he left Metropolis, he left her, and she’s coming back to fight for her man. But what’s really interesting about it — and one of the things we’re very conscious of, and why we’re so excited to get Jenna — is that we’ve seen shows where that “other woman” comes and the audiences so despises her… you don’t even understand why the male actor would like her. And Jenna is so likable and so winning and so personable, and is so kind to Kara, that part of you is sort of rooting for Lucy, too. She also ultimately ends up defending Supergirl against General Lane. So, Lucy’s kind of a hero in her own right.

As someone who hated General Lane and Lucy's developments in WONK, I'm glad that Lucy at least will be far away from that. And hearing that "the other woman" will be good/likeable is a plus.