Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Boston Comic Con 2015: Yanick Paquette Commission

Today I continue my review of commissions obtained at the Boston Comic Con.

One of the artists who was invited who I targeted early was Yanick Paquette. I have loved Paquette's work on Batman Inc., The Bulleteer, and Swamp Thing. And I am definitely looking forward to Wonder Woman Earth One. So when I saw he was coming to town, I was hopeful that I could get on his commission list.

This is one of those commission stories where a little leg work paid off. I contacted Paquette before the show via social media, found out his prices, talked about my sketch book, and settled on a price for a full figure color commission. Paquette put my name down on his commission list before the show which meant that pre-show this commission was secured.

Securing this commission meant that I could head to other tables to get on commission lists first, knowing that Paquette would be the third table I would visit that Friday morning.

This is a great piece that I love. There are a number of things that stand out to me. This is sort of a serene, angelic Supergirl, from pose to expression. The color really adds to the piece, especially the sort of goldish appearance in her hair, and the way the reds add a three dimensional feel to the folds of her cape. And the black background is such a stark contrast to the feel of the figure that it makes it visually engaging. Almost thought-provoking. And that means this is great art.

I also had a great time talking to Paquette about the stuff he has done with Grant Morrison, talking about Bulleteer and Batman Inc. We talked about Morrison's scripts and how the story for the Bulleteer veered away from the original plot ideas. In particular, Paquette mused about how the Bulleteer really has very little to do in the actual book, reacting more to what is happening around her than acting.

We also talked about Wonder Woman Earth One, a book I have been waiting for ... and waiting for .. and waiting for. Apparently the book is done but DC is waiting for the right time to release, perhaps closer to the release of the Dawn of Justice movie.

It was great to meet him and talk with him about some of the behind the scenes stuff. And that commission is just fantastic.

So I have to say that my con would have been a success if this was my last commission because it meant I had got my top three commissions: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Yanick Paquette, and Joelle Jones.

But I grabbed a couple more.

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