Saturday, August 22, 2015

Supergirl Is Everywhere!

I don't think we have to ask any more if CBS has confidence that Supergirl is going to be a hit. They are plastering images of Supergirl everywhere.

Head to Twitter and you will see images of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl everywhere.

She's on buses.

She's on horizontal billboards.

She's on vertical billboards.

She's on buildings.

She's on wings of buildings making one big image.

I am amazed that I live in this world where my favorite character is finally being recognized as the star she is.

Now if there was only a comic book ...


Anonymous said...

And she's even been seen with some little Girl Scouts.

Anonymous said...

LOVING the news about the TV series, it's so hard to keep up! But agree with you Anj, that news about a new comic
book is sorely lacking. Understandable that TPTB at DC want to see how this series goes before doing anything,
and obviously positive pre-show hype isn't hard indictors of how well it will actually do.

I certainly hope we don't have to wait too long for them to make a decision on things. Personally hoping December
solicits will have SOMEthing more beyond the Bombshell series and Justice League 3001 appearances.

And to remind you Anj, still owe us a review of the Supergirl movie... or at least a rewatch before Oct 26th :)

@1st Anon
Yep, she's Supergirl alright. No doubt in my mind :)


Wondering said...

Im really pleased by the attention this is getting. I dearly hope this outdoes all of the other superhero shows out there right now. It'll be a wake up call for everyone to stop being so dour, and to give heroines some more focus.

Gene said...

Expect plenty of selfies in front of those buildings and billboards...

I agree with 1st Anon, we should have a review of the Supergirl movie before October!


Anonymous said...

Well with all the other bad and short sighted decisions DC are making at the moment, did you really think they'd do the smart, savvy tactic of giving Supergirl her own series again and making her a prominent force in the DCU? This is the same company whose Superman mini series meant to celebrate 75 years of this iconic character took well over a year to come out because of artistic delays. Although I did enjoy Superman Unchained up until the last issue so at least it was written well.

Although DC aren't sidelining certain characters on purpose like Marvel are doing with the non MCU properties of Fantastic Four and X-Men, DC's business choices leave much to be desired in regards to galvanising on a golden opportunity for promoting Supergirl at the same time a TV show is being filmed and advertised. Hopefully that gets corrected in the future.


Uncle Screensaver said...

It's crazy. I think I'm in shock that Supergirl, also my favourite character, is having a TV series and is literally everywhere with this kind of promotion. The Entertainment Tonight mini coverage was really cool, as it was being praised that there was a female super hero live action series and that it is empowering for young girls. Even though it's been lambasted due to the SNL Black Widow sketch, the show marking the return of Calista Flockhart was seen as positive as Flockhart played a powerful character before and is playing one again. My only concern is that there's so much emphasis on young girls that it is slighting young boys who might like Supeergirl and the whole "this is a show for everyone." However, in a world where girls are literally fighting for their lives to go to school, for example, the girl power is needed.

I really, really hope this is a success. I may not agree with all the decisions, such as having Kara's BFF Toyman, but it's about time she gets the spotlight. I was flabbergasted when a friend of mine told me he had never heard of her. "She's been around for over half a century! She had a movie!" "Nope, don't know anything about her."

I can understand that there may be hesitation on the part of TPTB but still, if Ant-Man can have a comic books out with a movie, putting out a new #1 for Supergirl and having her in a Justice League book just seems a no brainer. But, at the very least we have two books with versions of Kara, which is more than we had for a very, very long time.

Also, I was in a Claire's Accessories store around here and I asked if they had any Supergirl stuff as I had seen some on eBay. "We just have some socks right now. Oh! They're sold out again! We just have Wonder Woman and Batgirl. She's popular!" It was a small thing but it made me grin.

Anj said...

Love the girl scout pictures.

Have to track down the Supergirl movie to review it. Hard to believe I have gone this far on this site without officially reviewing it.

Yes, I keep hoping that DC will do the right thing and produce a book!

Thanks for the comments and shared excitement.

Unknown said...

Dc should of reprinted some trades or collect some supergirl stories that haven't been collected yet like the 80s run. When the Gotham show dc printed the batman: Gordon of gotham stories for first just for a cash in with the Gotham show so why not Supergirl

Anonymous said...

A conversation among the DC "brain trust":

DC Executive 1: What should we do about the Supergirl comic?

DC Executive 2: Let's kill her off. That always works to get one issue with many readers...before readership drops again.

DC Executive 1: OK. But so many people didn't like that so we had to bring her back.

DC Executive 3: Maybe we can make her a protoplasmic mass that other protoplasmic masses can relate to.

DC Executive 1: Hmm, how many protoplasmic masses do we have as readers?

DC Executive 3: I don't know. I will check with our hired management consultants.

DC Executive 4: What about making her like Britney Spears? She seemed to have a smooth career. We can expose her belly and make her want to dance instead of fight crime.

DC Executive 5: Or we can make her have no friends and be angry all the time so people will like her.

DC Executive 1: Yes, yes, good suggestions. Or maybe we can just not do anything. Glad that this was a productive meeting.

Anonymous said...

As an Eagle Scout, the outreach to my Honorable Sisters in the GSA, warmed m' heart. Kudos to whoever at Warner Bros/CBS is running Supergirl's publicity vortex they have not missed a trick....Ice Cream, Puppies, The Girl Scouts....all we need is a winning Apple Pie Recipe and we are in like Flynn!
It isn't likely anything they'd explore in the first season but if the show is a success does anyone else wanna see BATGIRL guest star???
We lost Yvonne Craig this week, it'd be a cool thing if the "World's Finest Heroines" teamed Batgirl a creative commitment anywhere else? I think not, besides she and Kara always click together a nicely matched pair of "Legacy Girl Strivers".

Think on it


Anonymous said...

If you can Anj, look for the Limited Edition of the Supergirl movie -- boxcover
looks like this :

I picked it up on a whim years ago, but have NEVER regretted my decision. Think
it's long out of print, but it'd be a GREAT addition to your Supergirl Shrine, or
any fan of Supergirl in general.

...and being able to view both the international version (124 minutes) and Director's
Cut (138 minutes) -- BEFORE they took the butcher's knife to it to make the US
cut (105mins) -- I'll admit that it's by no means perfect, but the nostalgic in me
loved the restored scenes that developed the characters so much more, and showed us
that even in the small moments, they "got" Supergirl's character and motivations
in the right way.

As for JF's suggestion about a Batgirl teamup... YEEEES!! DOOOO EEEEEET!!


Gene said...

I would love to see Batgirl guest star on the show. If for some reason she can not, then how about Spoiler?


Manu said...
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