Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Boston Comic Con 2015: Joelle Jones Commission

One of the commissions I was really hoping to get at Boston Comic Con was one by Joelle Jones.

Jones had recently done Lady Killer for Dark Horse, a look at what would happen if one of the women from Mad Men were an assassin. It was brilliant and gorgeous and entertaining. And given the sort of period look of the issues, I decided if I was lucky enough to get a Jones piece, that I would go with the 70s costume, the puffy sleeves and shorts.

I contacted Jones and learned she does a handful of commissions each day and so I knew I needed to get to her table early if not first. When I got to the con, I saw a huge throng of people near Jones table and I thought that I had blown it.

It turns out the Information Booth was close by and most of the people were in line for stuff. Jones' table was much more manageable. I was able to secure the commission above.

And what a commission ...
I love everything about this, the POV, the playful expression, the color, the costume.
It is brilliant!

I seriously think the scan doesn't do it justice as it simply pops right off the page!

I feel extremely lucky to secure all the main commissions I was hoping for.

As for Jones, if you haven't seen her work you have to check her out.

Lady Killer just ended and so issues should still be on the rack. And a Lady Killer 2 was just announced and I will be there.

Her art is the kind your eyes just drink in!

Jones can be reached on line at:

And on twitter at:


Anonymous said...

I miss th' ole red joggin' shorts....feminine yet practical.


garyb said...

I'm not asking for specific information per artist, but, in general, what range of expense is typically associated with a commission requested/performed at at a convention?

Firebird said...

You're definitely right about the scan not doing the commission justice Anj. I remember when you showed that piece to me at the con in person and it just looked absolutely stunning.

As for commission prices garyb, perhaps I can shed a little info on how the process works at shows. You see it all depends on how much an artist is willing to work with whether it be a quick headshot sketch or something more elaborate like a full figure with some color added. Prices will vary depending on the artist and they can range from a mere 20 to 40 dollar range for something quick to the hundreds for the more detailed and time consuming ones.

You also have to factor in how famous or popular the artist might be as their prices will typically be much higher due to the amount of flippers who sell these commissions for ill gotten gain in my humble opinion.

Hope that helps.

Anj said...

Thanks for kind words and comments!

And gary, Firebird is right. Size, availability, technique, and artist fame all factor in. I have got commissions from famous artists for free. The most I have paid is $200. But I have friends who have paid more than twice that.

Martin Gray said...

That is just lovely!

Diabolu Frank said...

Great piece! Dig the attitude and period flare!