Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Boston Comic Con 2015: Annie Wu Commission

The Boston Comic-Con was just about 4 weeks ago and I have a couple more commissions to showcase.

One of the artists that I was hoping to grab a sketch from was Annie Wu, current artist on the Black Canary title. I have enjoyed the sort of scratchy energy that Wu brings to that book. The art is the perfect match for the tone of that book.

I thought a Wu Supergirl would be an interesting take on the character and so approached Wu on Friday afternoon. Her table was busy and she was sketching away and signing books. And, unfortunately, she said her list was full.

On Saturday, I never really had the opportunity to head back to her table.

Sunday morning I strolled by Wu's table early on and no one was there. I asked if she was taking sketch requests and she said her list was open. And so I was able to grab the delightful sketch above. There is a sort of fresh feel to this Supergirl, something about the hair and expression that makes this fantastic.

I usually don't hover when artists are doing the commissions but Wu told me that she was doing it right then and I could stick around if I wanted. So I was able to grab some process pics. I love this 'behind the curtain' peek into the process.

And as I said, her work on Black Canary is just electric. If you aren't reading that book, you should be! Lee Loughridge adds a ton with color choices. But this is just so kinetic.


Anonymous said...

Love the expression on her face "Oh for the Love of Rao!"



Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I'm not reading BLACK CANARY. How does this comic explain Dinah's involvement in TEAM 7? Not so much BIRDS OF PREY, I'm curious as to the title that took place during the five year period before the Justice League title.

Martin Gray said...

Wayne, what needs explaining? The comic isn't pretending she wasn't a member, Kurt is in recent issues.

Great pic, Anj!