Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Reactron Cast!

I had been busy with my con prep and the convention itself so didn't comment on the casting of Reactron announced last week.

Here is Entertainment Weekly's article: http://www.ew.com/article/2015/07/29/supergirl-reactron-chris-browning

And here is a blurb that I found interesting!

Unfortunately, being the cousin of the Man of Steel comes with its drawbacks. Since Krull has never been able to defeat his rival, he’ll venture to National City to get revenge on Superman by trying to kill Supergirl.

I don't know much about Chris Browning despite having seen a number of movies he has been in. Maybe they were smaller roles? He looks to have a rugged enough look to be Reactron.

But the big news is that he is a Superman villain on the show and is looking to get revenge. I love the fact that Superman will be something of a presence (even if physically absent) on the show. And how great will it be when Supergirl defeats him, again having her grow as a hero and maybe stepping out a bit from Superman's shadow by defeating one of his villains.

And you already know how much I love Reactron. I am really happy that he is appearing here because he is truly a Supergirl villain, one of her few pure rogues.


Anonymous said...

My question is he going to be Reactron with a suit or without. Offhand, pre-New52 Supergirl don't
think there were many scenes we saw an unmasked Reactron; pretty much this guy let the suit, his
trashtalk and his actions speak for him.

But think there's going to be ALOT riding on this character; as you said Anj, he's a pure Supergirl
Rogue and his running feud with Supergirl is LEGENDARY. Can't wait to see how Berlani and co.
translate that onto screen.

Also appears Lucy Lane has been cast as well, according to Supergirl.tv. Wheeee! More happy
news for the day!


Uncle Screensaver said...

I'm not happy that he's being cast as a Superman villain because it takes away from the fact that he's a SuperGIRL rogue; it also suggests that Supergirl is only there to take her cousin's leftovers. Of course, she'll show that she's more than enough of a challenge for Reactron, but still ... I just think they're plunging "Carra" even further in Superman's shadow. Hopefully, in the end, she'll break out of it.

I also hope that Lucy Lane isn't just another romantic element of the series but that she'll be her friend in the movie. Many suggest she's going to become Superwoman, but then I think that would be confusing that a 24 years old Kara can't be called that and the one who can is a villain.

Wondering said...

No complaints from me if Lucy Lane ends up being a romantic element in the series. It would be an interesting twist if she was head over heels for Kara.

William Ashley Vaughan said...

I don't mind Reactron starting out as a Superman villain. I think that the writers are going to use him the way Jerry Siegel used Lex Luthor in Supergirl's first adventure after the story in which she was revealed to the world. When Supergirl decisively defeated Luthor, it was played as the moment when the underworld realizes that they need to take her seriously. I think that making Reactron an established villain with a formidable reputation is a way of making it clear to the public and any potential enemies on the show that Supergirl is a force to be reckoned with.