Friday, October 18, 2013

Women Of Legend Supergirl Card

I promise you all that this will be the last post on Cryptozoic's Women of Legend card series. (Okay, I reserve the right to change my mind).

But I picked up a pack on a whim and was happy to find the Supergirl card inside.

Much like the Superman: The Legend Supergirl card, I am very happy with this. The pose with Supergirl flying above the Earth with the sun behind her is a riff on an iconic Superman pose, perhaps best seen at the end of almost every Superman movie. I like how there is a sort of action-y feeling to this, as if she is streaking to intervene somewhere as opposed to just basking in the sun. And I like the expression on her face, just a hint of happiness there.

The back text is a bit wonky, befitting the 'she's older but she's younger paradox' in Supergirl's origin.

One thing I don't like about the Cryptozoic cards in general is that they don't credit the artist. Who did this art? They deserve some credit.

I had to include this card which was in the same pack. There are lots of women Legionnaires but somehow Duplicate Damsel merited a card over such notables as Shadow Lass, Shrinking Violet, Phantom Girl, and Lightning Lass. (Saturn Girl does get her own card, appropriate given her 'original Legionnaire' status.)

Luorno did become something of a force in the Legion comic over the last several years becoming a leader, a warrior, and a no nonsense practical member. She rose pretty high on my 'favorite Legionnaires' list because of how she was written recently. So I was actually pretty happy to see her honored this way. I would have voted for her for Leader if there was another election. Alas the Legion has vanished.

I like the stylized art here as well, a little cartoony, a little anime, a little anger. It all worked.

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