Saturday, October 26, 2013

Art Baltazar Commission

We finally reach the last commission from my trip to the Granite State Comic Con, a real sweet commission by Art Baltazar.

As I have said, I always strive to get commissions from artists who have a history with the Supergirl character or will have an interesting take on the character. Baltazar has both of those aspects.

Sure, there is a simple, very cartoony style here ... unique. But Baltazar has drawn Supergirl a lot. There is a big connection here.

In fact, it actually was difficult for me to decide how I wanted Baltazar to draw Supergirl

Did I have him draw the Tiny Titans version? Or do I got for the quasi-New52 version from Superman Family Adventures? Or I do something else?

Well Baltazar had drawn a more classic Matrix style Supergirl in the super-pet books, not the comic books but the chapter books in the book store. And so I asked for that style.

It is a sweet commission. I especially like the blue skirt harkening back to the earliest Supergirl. But with gold trim. This was a marker and crayon drawing but done with some love.

I got to talk to Baltazar about Superman Family Adventures and the premature cancellation. He was pretty bummed because he had long term plans for the book. Too bad that book is off the market. I loved it and so did my kids.

Baltazar's commission is the perfect bookend for this  Franco commission his partner on Tiny Titans I obtained a few years ago.

Granite State Comic Con was a great time. It is a show that certainly has grown.


Unknown said...

Hey Anj,

That Baltazar commission is sweet. I'm always jealous of all the Supergirl art that you manage to collect.

Gene said...

Supergirl winking at us like that tells me that everything will be alright.


Martin Gray said...

You never know, DC may bring SFA back eventually too.

Meanwhile, grear picture.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

I love this one.