Sunday, October 13, 2013

Anj The Student?

Starting tonight and for the next week, I'll be living on the campus of an esteemed local university and taking part in a Leadership/Business course. Don't ask me why my bosses think that I am someone worth investing in but they did and are footing the bill.

As a result I may be a bit quieter than usual on the site. Don't worry there was enough news from the NYCC and comics from last week to review to keep the daily posts happening through the week. I just might not be able to respond to comments as quickly as I usually do. And this Wednesday's comics won't be reviewed until the week of the 21st.

I also most likely won't be on Twitter and other sites as much as well as classes run through most of the day. Keep the tweets coming though. They'll carry me through when I finally get a chance to read them!

Wish me luck!


AndNowInStereo said...

Good luck Anj! Enjoy the course!

I'm actually feeling rather apprehensive about this week's Supergirl #24 (at least I have a silly-looking Avengers Assemble #20 to go with it). I'll not send any spoilers your way or anything like that until I know you've read it.

Jay said...

Good luck, man. Expand thy brain on someone else's dime. :)

Argocub said...

Congrats Anji and Good Luck!

Martin Gray said...

All the best - as leaders go, be an Imra, not a Tinya!