Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rebekah Isaacs Commission

The Granite State Comicon was two weeks ago and I will reiterate that I had a phenomenal time. I shopped, bought comics, and met great creators.

One of the ones I was eager to meet was Rebekah Isaacs. Isaacs is most famous for her work with Christos Gage on the Buffy spin-off Angel & Faith book. And boy, she brings it on that book, a great mix of quiet moments and horror.

Now I will admit, I was struggling with the list of names of who I should get commissions from. And then, people whose opinion I value tremendously, told me I would be foolish not to move Isaacs to the top of the list. It was Diabolu Frank from the Idol Head of Diabolu that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

And I have to thank each and every one of those people. Because of their advice, I did move Isaacs to the top of the list, contacted her before the con, had my name penciled onto her list, and got this great commission.

Whereas the Aaron Kuder commission from the show is an action shot, this Isaacs piece focuses on the angelic nature of Supergirl. This is absolutely saintly, eyes closed, hands low, floating amongst the sun rays and doves. It is wonderful. Wonderful.

And Isaacs was very cool to talk to.

I have always loved this Archie-style cover of Angel and Faith #20, such an perfectly odd cover for 2 vampires and a vampire slayer. And Faith's expression is perfect.

Thanks to those who recommended Rebekah Isaacs to me.

And thanks to Ms. Isaacs herself for this great commission!


Count Drunkula said...

That's an awesome commission! I talked to her briefly, but I didn't even think about asking her for a Black Canary sketch. Next time, I think I will.

Diabolu Frank said...

I love a number of Supergirl eras (have you ever ran a poll?) but the PAD "Earth Angel" was easily my favorite, and Isaacs rocked it! This moment of divine serenity is such a nice change of pace.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

She was very cool to talk to and I saw some of the other commissions she was doing, mostly of Buffy characters, which were as stellar.

I have never run a poll about the Supergirl eras, but is a great idea.
Hmmmmm ...