Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jeremy Haun Commission

My review of commissions obtained at The Granite State Comicon is nearing its end. Above is a great Jeremy Haun commission that I got there.

As I have said before, I had a blast at this convention. I got several great commissions, a bunch of comics for the cheap, and was able to talk to some great creators.

I had my eye on Jeremy Haun for a possible commission for a while. It seemed as if the universe was telling me the time was right. I had just read the Ra's Al Ghul and Riddler Villains' Month issues. I had just read that Haun was taking over the art on Batwoman. And here he was going to be at Granite Con.

I contacted Haun and his handler (his wife Lori) got back to me, putting my name on his commission list.

I think this is a great commission, a sort of pensive and young appearing Supergirl. I love this sort of quiet very human appearing Kara. It has such a different feel from the action-packed Aaron Kuder commission and the angelic Rebekah Isaacs one. So I ran the gamut this convention and won on all counts.

There is one more commission to come.

Again, nothing but good words to say about this convention and my experience there.


AndNowInStereo said...

I didn't like his Batwoman that he did for Sue at DCWKA, but I do love this Supergirl. It's brilliant!

Unknown said...

This is a fantastic Supergirl! It is pretty cool to see all the diverse takes on the character from the Granite State Comicon.

Count Drunkula said...

Very nice commission!