Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I have sung the praises of Mike Maihack in the past on this blog, showcasing his Supergirl/Batgirl comics.

Well, Maihack has done another wonderful comic with the two heroes, this time Halloween based. Here is the link to his site and the comic (seen above):

Maihack has always captured the classic personalities of the two heroes in these brief strips. Barbara is determined like anyone in the bat-family but maybe with a little light that is being hidden. And Supergirl is bright, sunny, and optimistic. Heck, Supergirl gave Killer Croc cookies and made him promise not to fight on Christmas in the last strip.

So in this comic Supergirl has to convince Batgirl that they should go trick-or-treating on Halloween rather than patrol. Batgirl agrees knowing that walking the streets is a patrol of sorts. They even capture the Penguin!

Far and away, my favorite panel is Supergirl mockingly saying 'Quickly Batgirl, to the candy!' with a faux seriousness on her face. Just perfect!

To see other Maihack stuff, you can search my site here: 

Or head to his site:


Anonymous said...

OF COURSE somewhere in voluminous Supercloset of Solitude, Supergirl has a Halloween variant costume....


Cute me like


Gene said...

I'd rather read this on a monthly basis.


Anonymous said...

I wish this was a comic that I could buy every month for my niece. --Shades