Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Supergirl Cover Girls Of The DCU Series 2

The Supergirl statue from The Cover Girls of the DCU Series 2 set came out this week and it is a very nice addition to my Supergirl collection. While at times I have had issues with the New 52 Supergirl costume, I think DC Collectibles has done a fine job making it look very nice here.

The statue was designed by Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau whose art has always been stunning. (Is he still doing covers somewhere?).

The pose is nice a mix of the angelic and elegant (floating gracefully, hair and cape blowing in the wind) as well as action, her arms in a definite battle position.

The face and hair are beautiful with a lot of detail.

I will say that it does look a little awkward from  the side, as she looks to be leaning back a bit, almost off balance. Still though, very nice.

And the back of the statue is also very solid with wrinkles and folds in the cape and again detailing in the hair.

I have to say, I like the diamond shape of the cape. I think that looks quite fetching here.

Of course no one will display this statue backwards but I am glad that the attention to detail was maintained everywhere.

As always, I find the schizophrenia in Supergirl marketing by DC fascinating.

Remember, for 2 years they have been trying to shove a dark, angry, isolated Supergirl down the throats of fans. And this despite failing miserably with a dark, angry, isolated Supergirl 10 years ago. It just doesn't work.

And then we get this description on the box.

"She's sweet but she packs a punch!"

She's sweet! But in the book she can't be sweet?

So what is she?

I could write a dissertation on what Supergirl is. I wish DC would ask.

Anyways, this shouldn't take anything away from such a beautiful piece, a welcome addition to the shrine!


AndNowInStereo said...

I don't get the marketing for Supergirl either. I mean, it didn't even take me until the end of issue #1 to realise the marketing blurb for the series was a huge misrepresentation of her true character. She's not the Incredible Hulk! Again, it's another lapse of joined-up thinking on DC's part - You'd think they would go for consistency (not to mention accuracy) across all products. *shrug*

That's a nice statue. I've got to admit I'm tempted...

DR said...

So now we know for sure, her outfit really IS made of paint.

The leaning back pose makes it look like she's backing off in flight. Which is weird because comics make it seem like people only fly in whatever direction their head is pointing. heh

Anonymous said...

I have both this statue and the recent Supergirl bust. I am torn about which is better. I would have loved the statue if it had the hair and face of the bust.

As it is, the statue's face (especially the eyes) is a it asymmetrical, she looks weird from some angles. I didn't mind the "landing/hovering" pose, but the windswept hair just stops her from looking properly like the New 52 Kara (unlike the bust, which nails the "look" perfectly).

The statue is now with my Adam Hughes Wonder Woman. Now I just need the upcoming Batwoman statue to complete the Trinity :)