Monday, May 10, 2010

One Last Boston Comic Con Post - Franco Commission

Boy ... time flies! The Boston Comic Con was a month ago! I realized that I had one last commission to post and comment on and figured I better do so before the memories really become stale.

One of the creators at the convention was DC Kids writer/artist Franco. He was a really nice and approachable guy, there with his wife and son, talking comics to everyone.

I told him how much I enjoyed reading Tiny Titans to the supergirls at home. They laugh at the silliness of the book (as I do) and I enjoy how much DC continuity is stuffed into the book. I did tell him I loved Supergirl's presence in Tiny Titans and especially enjoyed the Pet Club issues. I even got a couple of Tiny Titans books autographed and personalized for the younger Supergirls ... their first signed comic collectible!

Franco was doing free commissions for kids and $1 commissions for grown-ups. I asked for a Supergirl/Streaky pic and got the great commissions seen above. As I have said, one of the things I strive for in my commission collection is interesting and unique approaches to the Supergirl character. So I love this piece.

One of the things I loved seeing was all the parents going up to him with their kids, buying the books, and getting sketches.

Let me reiterate what a great con this was. I am so happy Boston has a worthy convention and hope next year's is just as spectacular.


Saranga said...

pretty darn adorable!

Gene said...

Franco never fails to draw a simple and cute Supergirl. Aww Yeah Titans!

TalOs said...

Dawww, too cute! :-)