Thursday, May 6, 2010

Robinson On Justice League

With all the recent reviews I have been doing here, I haven;t had much time to comment on some of the other news that has come out recently concerning Supergirl. Time for a little housekeeping.
James Robinson recently did an interview at Newsarama about his ongoing run on Justice League of America. Here is the link:
Part of that interview focused on Supergirl's role in the new Justice League as well as the bally-hooed relationship between Dick Grayson and Kara once she joins. Here are those blurbs.

Nrama: Supergirl is coming in with the next issue. What does she bring to the team? Robinson: She brings a sense of exuberance and youth. After the events of the Hundred Minute War, she will be needing people around her and needing a support system. Because of events that have already happened, which will be revealed down the line, she already has a closeness to Bill. But she's going to need other people. As for what she brings, she is seeing everything through fresh eyes. She's been a member of a few teams, but for very short time periods. So she's never really been a long-term part of a team before. She's never gotten used to saving the world in such a public way either. So she really appreciates that she's a part of the Justice League, and has a lot of gratitude for that team. And hopefully through her eyes, the readers will see what a great team this is.

Nrama: You mentioned once that Supergirl would grow close to Dick Grayson. Can you explain what you mean by that?

Robinson: Well, what I mean by that is... I was thinking about how she's never had any siblings, and Dick Grayson didn't grow up being around siblings. And what I wanted to try to do within the Justice League is to turn them into their own version of the World's Finest team. Nothing sexual, mind you. Just a sibling type relationship where they're close friends in a way that starts off with her needing a shoulder to cry on a little bit. And that becomes a deep friendship. But I want to stress it's not a sexual relationship. Everyone always assumes that's where that's going.

I do like the idea of Supergirl injecting some youthful entusiasm into the League. The hints about what Supergirl is going through after the War of the Superman is interesting. The league may be the only 'family' she has.
And I suppose I should be happy to hear Robinson say so emphatically that Dick and Kara's relationship is not sexual. But did it really need to be said? Wouldn't a sexual relationship between them be odd ... if not outright icky?
But let's give Robinson credit for saying it. I suppose there are writers who would have written their relationship that way.
I am a bit wary of Robinson's treatment of Supergirl. I can only go by what I saw of her in Cry For Justice as a yardstick. In that series, at times, she was fantastic, rushing into things heroically and acing as the muscle. She even figured out 'Captain Marvel' wasn't Captain Marvel. That said, she also had some pretty wooden dialogue and at times seemed pretty immature. I am going in with an open mind.

The JLA seems to be in legacy mode with Dick, Donna, and Kara carrying the torch for the Trinity. I have to assume the big three will eventually come back. When that happens, I hope Supergirl either stays with the League or lands with another team. The question is ... which one?


valerie21601 said...

If not the Justice League then the Legion of Super Heroes would get my vote and my dollars for it especially if Paul Levitz gets to handle her character.

Bubbly Bunny said...

Legion of Superheroes especially since her relationship with Brainy is being resurrected

Anj said...

I'm with you both. I'd like her in the Legion.

Kel said...

I really like the pairing between Kara and Dick. While I agree that a sexual relationship being them would sort of be disgusting since they won't age Kara to 19 or even 20. Isn't Grayson only 26 or 27 at this point? I could see a small crush on an older man type deal going on?

And isn't Clark her older brother? Why would Dick be?

It's like Dick and Diana. Very little interaction between him and Kara thus far.

I love any interaction between these two. The best and most well-known legacy characters in my opinion.

Still waiting for Donna and Dick to give it a try but I think they'll forever be in each other's friend zone for whatever reason. There's no way that two attractive people would not be attracted to each other in real life...particularly since Dick is single! I know this isn't reality but come on!

Anyone read issue 46 yet? Very cool. I like the relationship between Kara and Dick. While it does seem brother-sister like, I don't know any sister who would say the mask covers too much of your face. That seems more flirty to me. A real sister would say the cowl is an improvement.