Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Worries About Post-Flashpoint Supergirl?

Just yesterday I said I wasn't feeling uneasy about the future of Supergirl. What a difference a day makes. All this Flashpoint stuff, these rumors of reboots and rnumbering, without information about what comes after, it's disconcerting.

What will the DCU be like after Flashpoint?  Will the DCU be mostly like the current DCU but with some minor differences? Will Flashpoint be another event like Crisis on Infinite Earths where everything is shaken up? Is it a global reboot? The problem is no one knows ... and DC isn't talking. At least not until June 11 when Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will break the silence, at least about Superman: http://herocomplex.latimes.com/2011/05/23/geoff-johns-and-jim-lee-plan-to-drop-dc-bombshells-at-hero-festival/?dlvrit=63378   If there is a reboot of Superman, surely that will effect the rest of the Superman Family.

So what sort of Supergirl is going to come out of Flashpoint? Supergirl fans are usually a twitchy bunch. We worry. We want the character to be treated right ... and frankly since Supergirl #34 I think she has been treated right. It's a rare Golden Age for Supergirl. So the current uncertainty isn't sitting well with me. We don't know who the next creative team will be, so we can't even use that to help figure out the tenor of the book. And that, of course, is assuming there is going to be a Supergirl book.

All I want is Supergirl to continue on its current path, to keep the character moving in the direction that Sterling Gates put her on and James Peaty kept her on.

But I keep imagining Supergirl solicits for September. Frightening solicits. A dramatic change in the book.  These are what I am worried about ... and sadly, they all seem possible. From the pessimistic corners of my imagination ...

Supergirl #1
The DC Universe was almost an ugly place thanks to the machinations of Professor Zoom in Flashpoint. Supergirl isn't about to let anything like that happen again. The Girl of Steel decides to take the fight to the villains, breaking their spirits ... and bodies ... before they can strike. Can Superman talk his cousin out of her mission of Kryptonian justice? Not likely. Don't miss any of the blood-soaked mayhem! Guest starring Deathstroke, the Terminator.


Supergirl #1
Spinning out of Flashpoint! What would you do if you had the power of a god and a family tradition of doing what's right? If you're Supergirl, you simply want to be left alone to live a peaceful existence. But trouble seems to have a habit of finding her, forcing her to act. Follow the adventures of a reluctant hero who wants to find herself and leave the super-heroics to others. Guest starring Raven of the Teen Titans.


Supergirl #1
Girls just want to have fun. And Supergirl wants to have super-fun. Follow the adventures of the new girl in the big city as she tries to balance good times, a busy social life, and a family tradition of heroism. But when Metallo shows up to break up a rock concert, Supergirl has to dole out some chin music to the Kryptonite powered villain. Guest starring Starfire and Power Girl.


Supergirl #1
Flashpoint changed the DCU forever! In the new timeline, meet Kara Zor-El, a young girl destined to one day be the hero Supergirl. But she needs training before she can don the S-shield in the open. What better place to hide in plain sight than at Midvale Academy, a prep school just outside of Gotham. With nighttime training from Batman and weekend lessons from Superman, can Supergirl be a hidden hero, please her 'fathers', and survive High School?

I don't want to read any of those books. I don't want a bad grrl Supergirl, or a slacker Supergirl, or a cheesecake Supergirl, or a Silver Age reboot Supergirl. I want this hero on this hero's journey.

I guess I just have to play the waiting game until DC releases some info.


Saranga said...

Dear Dc,

Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.
Please don't reboot Supergirl.*


*am unhappy at the unhappy at the idea of changing anything about this Kara, she's doing really well as a character and a series. She doesn't need fixing!

taichara said...

*looks at lifelong Legion collection*

*starts counting wipeouts and retcons and reboots on fingers*

Oh you're not alone in worry, believe me -- we all have a lot to lose.


Kent G. Hare said...

@taichara ...

"has to continue on toes"

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't reboot her. I'll be TICKED if that happens. :-/. Btw, Anj, awesome comic book blurbs that you came up with there! ;) -ealperin

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of the word "cheesecake." No one ever worries about all the "beefcake" presentations (shirtless, ripped abs) of male characters. Whatever we mean by cheesecake, she should be allowed to be as attractive to young male readers as Superboy and the overflow of shirtless males are to young female readers. I think she should have sex appeal like she did in the 80's-issue 19 of the current series. She should also be allowed to have an interest in the opposite sex and should have her own life and supporting characters (more like Linda), instead of Metropolis and Superman characters.

I'm not interested in reading any of your "nightmare" scenarios either, we agree on that. I don't want more of Gates' Supergirl though. I don't care for the touchdown celebration on a baseball field (his lazy, dumb blond joke) and tears in issue 34, the "I don't have time to date" line, or the way her origin was messed with to advance a Superman storyline.

Unfortunately, the character seems held back because a Supergirl that is sexy (as she always used to be) and has hormones is scary to some conservative, older males.

TalOs said...

Honestly? (And i just know i'm going to be labeled all kinds of nasty names for even saying this) i think DC rebooting Supergirl right back to #1 is the BEST way to go. I mean look at all the mistreatments and misdirections (Loeb's-Kelly's even "Kill Kal-El!" intended mantra anyone?), misfires (Supergirl aiding the Amazons along with Wonder Girl in bringing down Air-Force 1 and holding the U.S. President hostage), unstable origin 'soft boots' (BIRTHRIGHT and when that even failed SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN) it's no wonder her title's not selling the numbers it used to for that's A LOT to ask of any new reader let alone an existing one to take in when wanting to learn and read about Supergirl and her adventures. I whole heartedly feel that DC should do a full on reboot however keeping the following 5 essentials: 1) Supergirl being Superman's Kryptonian 15-16 year old, teenage cousin 'Kara Zor-El' from it's 'Argo City' sector. (None of this 'born on Krypton and being older than Kal-El yet kept young due to her ship's suspended in animation capability' baggage) 2) After her ship crash lands on Earth and is then discovered by a startled Superman (Batman and Wonder Woman need not apply) Kara's taken in and trained by her cousin in the art of 'superherodom' and willingly as well as joyfully chooses to follow in her cousin's own choice to be a hero (as opposed to unwillingly, shuddering and even cursing at the even very idea of being a selfless hero) with her being Earth's newly dubbed "Supergirl". 3) Willingly chooses to take up residence in Midvalle and attends Midvalle High under the civilian guise of one "Linda Lee" who operates as Supergirl when needed and when in need of relaxing comes home to her pet cat Streaky. (As opposed to just floundering around with Earths various other Super heroes while having no clue as to what she truly wants to do or even accomplish in her new found life on Earth.) and 5) has time traveling adventures with and even willingly joins the Legion of Super-Heroes as a part time member where she over time (no pun intended) falls in love with their Brainiac 5 member and vice versa.

Alas these are just my own thoughts on what DC really should do Post-Flash Point continuity era wise.

Anonymous said...

Hi, pal:
You´d do better in the agonizing wait to come if you´d only open your mind to some simple truths:
1) DC (Owned by Satanist Rockeffellers) was created only to Glorify their "One Goddess & Queen of Heaven Isis) (Wonder Woman=Maria Magdalena) (as in "Isis unveiled).-
2) Also to keep our Supergirl out of nearly everything, because she is the REAL Spirit of Truth of which they pretend their Isis is.-
3) As of onw, important changes are happening in creation in real time (like Egypt would have gone free by itself!!!),...so DC Comix is in the midst of the worst turmoil in their turbulent Satanist history.
4) In a nutshell: Wondie is DEAD. (in real life, no less...) and eventually they will need to come clean to this fact, whethwer thwey like it or not. (and they don´t!)
5) Until then, they will go for the final grassy knoll shots against our girl.- Once more: ]"DC Comics" only reason for existing is to make their Wonder-Isis greater than SG.-(for 60 years!!)
but in the end, everything will come across fine for us.-
but of course, none of this will make sense to you, so just forget I said anything.-

(from Yahoo´s: Eternalfemininesupergirl Groups)

TalOs said...

*blinks* Ho-kay. o_O

Again i apologize if what i wrote in terms of personally wanting/hoping to see come out of Flashpoint's aftermath for Supergirl has upset or angered anyone i just think it'd be the only way out of this fine mess (re read her individual issues/trades starting from SUPERMAN/BATMAN: SUPERGIRL to now to get an idea of just how convulted and confusing it's all became) that's happened in the course of Kara having been brought back into main DCU proper and operating as Supergirl once again since 2004. Compare her run to PAD's Linda Danvers one and the latter is surprisingly more enjoyable to re read than Kara's own i'm sorry to say for this particular longtime Aussie fan/reader unfortunately. (And y'all don't know how much it just killed me to type that all out.)

Saranga said...

David: What?

Talos: I'm not gonna label you nasty names (I'd hope no one else here would either). Isn't what you've just requested the pre crisis Kara story? (I haven't actually read any of her pre crisis stories. I know, bad fan, it is onmy list fo things to read).

Anonymous said...

I would welcome a Superman reboot. After 12 months of being absent from "Superman" and "Action Comics," followed by 10 months of Lex Luthor in "Action," 14 months of the "Grounded" story, and Superman giving up his U.S. citizenship, all I can say is: Enough! I want to read pure Superman stories again. I miss Clark Kent, I miss the Lois-Clark relationship, I miss Perry White. I miss the Daily Planet. In my opinion, everything about Superman has felt "off" since Autumn 2008.

Supergirl has been the exact opposite. Not only has she grown into a hero that people respect, she has a great supporting cast, a nicely-developing rougue's gallery of her very own, and has been one of the best-written books on the spinner-rack month after month.

If DC plans to reboot Kara yet again, all that character growth and everything the Gates/Igle team worked so hard to build will be destroyed. I read somewhere that Sterling Gates and Geoff Johns are close friends. Maybe he can put in a good word for Kara with DC Editorial. Her book needs to continue with the same direction and same numbering. Don't worry, Anj, I am still confident that nothing will happen to Kara.


Anonymous said...

I'm consumed by the feeling that she'll be
killed by the Joker to make point to Dick Grayson's 3rd cousin Steve*, and then Booster Gold will trip over a rock and erase her from continuity completely.
*The point will be sometimes crazy people you don't know send you pictures of dead girls you've never met.

TalOs said...

@ Saranga: lol yeah it is, but Supergirl's backstory for new and old readers alike should be one made understandable and not so convulted and confusing as it unfortunately has became as of late.

Supergirl is Kara Zor-El: Superman's female 15/16 year old teenage cousin from Krypton's 'Argo City' sector which survived planet Krypton's destruction. Upon Brainiac having discovered he's own technology being used (the very same tech which has kept the residents of Argo City alive this whole entire time) has the 2nd chief scientist of Krypton (with the 1st actually being his brother Jor-El) Zor-El and his wife Alura place their beloved only child in a space vessel which is then launched successfully at warp speed into space (during Brainiac successfully capturing the citizens of Argo City) who's vessel just happens to be on a exact trajectory to that of Earth where upon crash landing there has it's greatest champion Superman discover it but is equally startled to now discover that he's no longer Krypton's sole survivor upon meeting Kara for the very 1st time (no "But you were only a baby since last we saw each other" baggage) and after taking her into his care trains her in the ways of being a hero to which Kara willingly and joyfully adopts who when ready equally willingly decides on adopting the Earth identity of one "Linda Lee" while attending Midvalle High and operating as Midvalle's protector "Supergirl". Supergirl also becomes a part time member of the 30th Century Legion of Super-Heroes and finds herself falling for it's Coulan member Brainiac 5. When not being Supergirl she relaxes with friends or just chills at home with her pet cat Streaky.

The above is a nice mixture of Pre-Crisis origin as well as including the current one (with Brainiac having captured Argo City) and still getting the back story across to readers new and old without this "Must kill Kal-El!" mantra or "i hate myself regardless of the gifts that have been bestowed on to me under this system's yellow sun and would much rather hang around with other superheroes or party the night away over saving others with these newly bestowed gifts" un called for baggage being added on.

Sincere apologies as to me regurgitating the above being the root i'm personally hoping that DC takes come Post-Flashpoint DCU continuity when it comes to their treatment of Supergirl for now on i suppose my 'devoted inner Supergirl fanboyness' self takes over when it comes to wanting only the best for Supergirl. Heh.

Saranga said...

@talos: I tend to ignore all the pre sterling gates stuff and pretend it's not rly in continuity.

Anonymous said...

Three words : Reboot, BLACK COSTUME

Because Kara would make such a kewl addition to a rebooted Superman's rogue's gallery wouldn't she?

Military coups have been triggered over less provocation.

John Feer

Kent G. Hare said...

Wow ... seriously, the divergent points of view expressed here are a microcosm of what DC has to deal with if they are (or if they are not) considering some kind of mass reboot as is speculated in some quarters post-Flashpoint. There's no way they're going to satisfy everyone; in fact they are sure to enrage or at least disappoint someone no matter what course they take. Heck, no matter what they do, I'm sure to be enraged by certain aspects of it and disappointed by others. I don't envy them.

Anj said...

Well, if there is one thing I love about Supergirl's fanbase, it is the passion we all have.

Thanks for all the comments, even the ones I don't agree with at all.

I hope DC doesn't make wholesale changes because frankly this is the Supergirl I want to read.

But it sure will be interesting to see what happens.

Diabolu Frank said...

You missed one...

Written by Judd Winick, Chuck Austen, & various
Art by Scott McDaniel, Rob Liefeld & various
1:10 Variant cover by Ed Benes
The Superman Family returns home to ACTION COMICS! First up, Superboy learns that he was not the only clone created from Superman's and Lex Luthor's DNA at Cadmus. Worse, the scientists there have mixed and matched with other DC Universe luminaries to create an army of composite clones! Can Superboy beat them, or should he join them? Supergirl headlines the co-feature, as she must decide whether to continue at the West Coast college where she just enrolled, or confront the terrible secrets of Krypton through and extended investigative mission to outer space with Captain Comet. And what does a certain other last surviving Main Man have to say about it?
Retailers please note: These issues will ship with two covers each. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale SEPTEMBER 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Anonymous said...

I agree with TalOs that the pre-Gates Supergirl was a confusing mess. However I want to see a Supergirl #100 in my lifetime that is not a composite of previous runs like Marvel did with She-Hulk, so no reboot please.

I don't think DC is foolish enough to mess with what Supergirl has now, because erasing the Gates era Supergirl would be a kick in the teeth.

I honestly wouldn't mind reading the Supergirl comics based on the descriptions you wrote Anj. They actually sound interesting in an Elseworlds kind of way.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if the post Flashpoint universe saw Superman replaced by Supergirl? Boy, that would upset more than a few people...


valerie21601 said...

In my own opinion both Supergirl and Superman got seriously screwed up when they had the bottle city of Kandor being almost immediately enlarged, (within mere hours after Superman found it) on Earth and starting their New Krypton and major xenophobia storylines in DC Universe.

The New Krypton story lines simply messed with the Superman and Supergirl mythos wwaaaaayyyyy too much! Example having them fight for the "Kryptonian Way" instead of the "American Way" really hurt them.

They should have kept more true to the spirit of the Silver Age past of having Kandor found and kept at the Fortress of Solitude for several years.

Gear said...

There have been numerous mistakes, blunders, and false starts with the current run of Supergirl. But I believe the biggest blunder DC makes with their characters is the constant need to retcon, reboot, and reinvent. In spite of what they may think, the readers aren't idiots. They can actually figure this stuff out, they can remember the various universes and histories, and in fact love to argue and fight and have hissy-fits over all of it. Comic geeks love complications, and complexity, and convolution. And it's easier to keep track of all of it than ever before due to the Internet, Wikipedias, blogs, and our geekish need to constantly talk about it all.

I liked Kara Zor-El in the sixties, and I missed her when she was gone. I liked Matrix a lot less, but warned up to the character under Peter David and in conjunction with Linda Danvers. I totally missed out on Cir-El, so I can't comment on her. I was happy that they brought Kara Zor-El back, and though it took me a long time to come to like her she's developed into a character I want to continue to read about. But in each case I also felt frustrated and unhappy that I had to lose a character I had invested a lot of time and emotion in, and each time it was a bit harder to accept the new version, not because they were new, but because I was asked to pretend everything that had happened with the previous version simply hadn't happened after all.

I would prefer they continue to develop the current version of Supergirl. If they wanted to do something with the current character, but take her in a new direction without compromising the heart of the character, I'd be interested in reading it. If they wanted to expand her universe and do something fun like re-introduce Linda Danvers as a member of the supporting cast in the current run I'd find that fascinating. If they somehow decided that the original Kara Zor-El's sacrifice could now be recognized while keeping the current version, and somehow made it once again part of continuity in a meaningful and creative way I would be ecstatic. If they found a way to do all of this... well, I'd probably go back to spending $200/month on DC like I used to.

But if they reboot yet again I'm going to be annoyed, and seriously consider whether I want to put more money into supporting a company that doesn't seem to like or respect their own characters. Or their readers for that matter. And if they decide they need her to be "darker", that she needs to be snarky or wise-cracking or otherwise trendy, I'll probably stop buying her books like I did this year with Superman. "Dark Whatevergirl" characters were original when they first showed up in the 80's, but everything is dark today. Screw darkness (sorry ANJ), give me some light once in awhile.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for the touchdown celebration on a baseball field (his lazy, dumb blond joke) and tears in issue 34, the "I don't have time to date" line, or the way her origin was messed with to advance a Superman storyline.

Sorry those bits and pieces weren't to your liking, Larry. I've seen you talk about them on various websites and messageboards as the few moments that really upset you, so I wanna take a couple seconds and talk about them. Take or leave my response as you'd like.

In all honesty, the touchdown celebration in SG #34 was meant to be an "alien-to-a-culture joke" rather than a "dumb blond joke." I've found that it's impossible to know everything about a culture when you move to a new place, and I can guarantee I wouldn't know a thing about, say, rugby if I moved to England tomorrow. (What's a goal called in rugby, anyway? I actually don't know off the top of my head.)

The changes I made to Supergirl's modern origin were intended to clear up some of the confusion regarding her recent history. I don't know what your issues with that are, especially as they harken back to the Silver Age Supergirl who you seem to prefer. Truth is, her origin now is far easier to understand than the several different origins that had been presented when I came on board the book. The changes weren't so much to further Superman's agenda, but to make SG's origin simple and straightforward.

Her tears in #34 were intended to show that Supergirl was, in fact, emotionally vulnerable while being physically invulnerable. I understand that they might not be to your liking, but frankly, emotions are what make characters in stories interesting to me. Otherwise, what's the point of writing about people? Might as well write about a super-powered cactus.

...actually, I'd read a book about a super-powered cactus, but only to read about how prickly his enemies found him.

See? Even then, I want to read about the emotions and responses of the people the Super-Cactus fights/sticks rather than the emotionless cactus. :)

Yes, she had tears in her eyes from time to time, but I felt that over my two+ years working on Supergirl, Kara demonstrated a range of emotions, including self-confidence, anger, happiness, depression, love, fear, and compassion. She was shown as a leader a number of times (especially in the context of New Krypton and the Legion), and I felt like we gave her a number of opportunities to really shine, taking her from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs.

Though, given that you stopped reading shortly after we started working on the book, Larry, you might not know about any of those stories.

Which is fine, really. Not every take on every character works for everyone. I've stopped reading a number of books in my lifetime because I just didn't like what someone was doing with it. It happens.

These are comics, though, and comics are wicked cyclical. Everything falls out of fashion at some point or another, and old takes become the new takes. We'll all see what happens to the Girl of Steel next. There's a decent chance that someday Supergirl will become the girl you want to read about, Larry. All of us will just have to wait and see what Supergirl's future holds.

Take care,

PS - While I'm addressing things about my writing, Larry, I also wanted to say that no blogger has ever (or will ever) dictated a story I've written. So, please, stop saying that happened. It's insulting to me and to my work, and I really don't appreciate it.

Landry Q Walker said...

Personally, I love reboots. Never been a big fan of the illusion of continuity. Getting to see the purest vision I can of how a creator might reinterpret a character through their specific vision is way more interesting to me than making sure that character fits in with what some other character might be doing somewhere.

While continuity can be fun to work with or follow, it can easily become a barrier, preventing a higher level of artistic expression through personal reinterpretation. And what's better for the fans? Making sure that one issue of one title makes sense with an unrelated title or just doing good comics?

In short - I would love to see the cosmic reset button pressed. That said...

...In regards to the anonymous poster who talks about Supergirl needing to be sexy... I like titillating stories and imagery as much as the next person. But each thing to their time and place. Supergirl works best when she maintains a sense of optimism, wonder and innocence. There a a multitude of over-sexed female superheroes. Trying to press one that has traditionally not fit that mold into that particular cookie cutter serves no purpose other than to make Supergirl bland and common.

Anj said...

Thanks everyone for their comments. And thanks to Sterling Gates and Landry Walker for stopping by. It makes me happy that people care so much about Supergirl.

As a long timer, I have seen plenty of reboots and resets and aren't against them in all cases. Heck, I am a child of the Crisis which rewrote the DCU. But timing needs to be right.

But I think there is some role for continuity. I wouldn't want to read characters who acts radically different every time I read them. And I don't want characters stuck in amber, never changing. The change in Supergirl over this title has been dramatic, but has felt natural.

And in particular, this is the Supergirl I want to read. I would hate to completely reboot everything.

As for 'Anonymous' or 'LarryGardner', I don't think there is any reasoning with him. He has his thoughts and lets them be known on many sites. But I can't let him derail this site the way he does other places.

Anj said...

One more thing.

I loved ... LOVED ... Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures.

That wasn't necessarily a reboot, but a reimagination. And I want more of THAT continuity. I still don't know what DC is waiting for.

The League said...
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The League said...

I'm with you, Anj. Not so much with the "dark genius" at the Yahoo! forums or folks bringing their fetish-site proclivities to what's intended to be an all-ages, all-audiences fun superhero (I'm in no way conservative nor all that old, btw). Nor the person who mis-read some pretty good (and clear) character points. Hilarious that Gates showed up to give them the SparkNotes.

Gates did a great job of recreating Supergirl during a particularly turbulent editorial era. I'd have loved to have seen what he would have done left to build up the character over a couple of years.

I don't see a total reset, but June 11th is going to be interesting. Everything until that day is idle speculation.

Anonymous said...

Kudos, to Sterling and Mr. Walker for stopping by and putting their stamp on this issue. As for me, personally, I don't want a reboot as stated earlier: Gates and Igle brought the book back up from an utter screw-over, as far as I'm concerned, and thank the DC gods for that. They made their stay worthwhile, slipping some history, raw emotion, and some twists to her origins. As for Supergirl and what she means to me is the fact that she didn't NEED to be sexy, or drop-dead gorgeous to prove that she's vulnerable to emotions and the world around her, even though her skin isn't. On the contrary to the previous poster, I LOVED Peter David's Supergirl. He brought a new spin on the character while keeping in touch with her roots. Yes, Supetman wasn't in the series often, but she wasn't his "sidekick". She paved her own way as a heroine. A human Superheroine with feelings, dammit, and it made her relatable to me.

With that said, I'm only hoping good things will come this June and I pray that they take her to new heights. -ealperin

Anonymous said...

By the way, if anyone's interested... Here's how Supergirl has impacted MY life in essay form: http://ealperin.blogspot.com/2010/10/im-anything-but-average-super-girl-fan.html


Anj said...

I LOVED Peter David's Supergirl. He brought a new spin on the character while keeping in touch with her roots

I also loved PAD's Supergirl, especially the first 50 issues. Now that was innovative story telling. I still miss Linda Danvers.

Anonymous said...

Same here, Anj. I just hope DC is listening! ^_^-ealperin

The League said...



Ayhe said...

If a reboot will happen, I won´t mind as long as it´s well done.
I´ve been enjoying this current Supergirl very much, especially since Gates took over :3

It´s interesting reading so many comments, I agree with many , others´s not so much but I can tell that Supergirl is a very loved character.

I guess that after Flashpoint, some changes will happen to the Girl of Steel, but I am not seeing a complete reboot on her.
At least, that´s what my intuition believes.
And I think Geoff Johns cares about her very much, and whatever the editorial has plans for her...they will treat her well. I have faith :3

I enjoyed reading Gates and Walker comments, and I wish them the best in their upcomming projects! :D


Anonymous said...

I just want Supergirl and Brainy to be together.

I had a really good and long post written up about Supergirl and what exactly I thought, but the blogger ate them.

But as a fan of the secondboot (or Dna) Legion, I know the pain a rebot can do to your favorite characters. Wither it be deleting them from history, deleting their time line and sending them floating into free space, or just ignoring them.

But I am pretty sure that they won't mess with Supergirl too much. (or at least I hope.)