Sunday, May 1, 2011

Boston Comic-Con Day Mid-Con Review

I am off for the second day of the Boston Comic Con and what I have to say was a relatively successful first day.

First off, this convention keeps getting bigger and bigger and as a result the site keeps improving as well. This is the first year the con is being held at the Hynes Convention Center, a much larger venue than the places the con has been the last 2 years. As a result there is just more space and it felt much less clasutrophobic.

As for my commission hunt, it turns out that Darwyn Cooke, my main target, wasn't doing any sketching. It was still a very good day for the collection as I was able to get really excellent commissions from cover artist Dave Johnson and upcoming Kid Flash artist Oliver Nome. I am in line to get another commission tomorrow from comic veteran Matt Wagner.

And I really was able to spend a lot of time talking to Howard Chaykin, one of my all time favorite creators and grabbed a quick Supergirl commission from him too! I'll download these and post as soon as I can.

With commissions pretty much done and autographs out of the way, tomorrow will be a day to just look around and shop.

Now this con wasn't perfect. For one thing, I wish they had made a handout/brochure that listed where everyone was sitting. There were a couple of big maps in the convention center, but I kept having to walk back and forth to look at it to see where people were sitting. And then there were no name placards on the tables so it made it a little harder to find who I was looking for. But that is small potatoes. Overall I had a blast!

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Anonymous said...

I was at Boston Comic Con this weekend too. While this isn't Supergirl per say, I wanted to show this sketch card I got of Ember and Rachel Pratchet by Tina Tran.