Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boston Comic Con Wrap-Up And Commission #1: Drew Johnson; Adam Hughes Stops Commissions

The Boston Comic Con was this weekend and was just fantastic. As a lifelong New Englander, and current Massachusetts resident, I am so happy that the area has this convention. It has just grown in leaps and bounds over the last several years. And this year was the best one yet with a huge list of talent in attendance, panel discussions, all in the comfy and roomy Hynes Convention Center. I went both days and was able to meet a bunch of creators I admire, grab a lot of signatures on books, and buy some books. I mean ... I got to talk to Frank Quitely, Joe Kubert, Darwyn Cooke, Howard Chaykin, Matt Wagner, JG Jones, etc. That is a day well spent.

As always, at conventions like this I try to grab Supergirl commissions to add to my collection and this time I got a handful. I try to pick an interesting mix of artists to get commissions from - those with a Supergirl history, those with a distinctive look, and just artists that I love. My first target at this convention was Darwyn Cooke but unfortunately he wasn't sketching.

Next on the list was Dave Johnson. I love Johnson's covers, especially his Detective Comics run. He is probably best known for his 100 Bullets covers. I also think his Uncle Sam and Freedom Fighters covers are really appealing as well. This is definitely Johnson's style and a bit more cheesecake than the usual piece in my collection, although not extreme or over the top. There is sort of a coy flirty feel to the piece. I really love Johnson's work so I am thrilled to have this piece in my collection.


Martin Gray said...

That Phantom Lady piece is just gorgeous. So the artists were doing commissions on cover mock-ups?

Anj said...

Those are actual comics, although plenty of sketch variant covers were being covered with commission art as well ... including a surprise entry by me.

I also love that Phantom Lady one, which is why I included it in the examples of Johnson's art.

I'll be posting all my commissions over the next week or so.