Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Death Of Dubbilex

With Supergirl #64 comes out later today, the last part of James Peaty and Bernard Chang's 'Good Looking Corpse' story arc.

Last issue ended with the reveal that the Kryptonian-laced super-clone from Cadmus was Dubbilex!

Well, at least it is based on Dubbilex. There are enough clues to let us know that this isn't the original Dubbilex, the reserved hero and friend of the Guardian.

For one, we know 'Alex' (or Triplexxx) has some K-genes inside him, including heat visions powers. Second, in Supergirl #63, we see the Cadmus scientists standing outside a tube looking at 'Cadmus Unit X.X.X.'

But most importantly, we have already seen the original Dubbilex die in the Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen one-shot from late 2008. Surprisingly, I didn't review this back then. In the book, Jimmy is just starting to uncover some dirt about Project 7734, an unknown government program back then and the Project's top gun Agent Assassin.

Part of his investigation leads him to Cadmus where he questions Dubbilex.

After a lot of questions, Jimmy realizes that fluid is leaking all over the floor, fluid which turns out to be Dubbilex's blood. Agent Assassin has already been there, mortally wounding the telepath.

In particular, I thought the last panels are touching as Dubbilex asks to be remembered as a man, not some cloned creature. The silent last panel just works.

But I do always wonder about these sort of scenes. So Dubbilex has a long conversation with Jimmy while he is bleeding to death? Wouldn't he say something like 'ask me anything you want in the back of the ambulance while workers try to save me'? Or are normal medical facilities useless?

Regardless, James Robinson does a very nice job with this scene, having Dubbilex die with some dignity.

Now we have Triplexxx to deal with. Can't wait to read the finale.

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Anonymous said...

So project 7734 is still alive and kicking? Cool. I hope Linda Danvers gets a mention somewhere! -ealperin