Saturday, May 7, 2011

Boston Comic Con Commission #2: Oliver Nome

Next on my commission review from Boston Comic Con 2011 is this beautiful piece by Oliver Nome. I didn't know much about Nome until he was announced as the artist on the upcoming Flashpoint:Kid Flash mini-series. When I started to look on line at his work, I was blown away. Here is the link to his deviantart page:

I think this piece was a complete steal. It is really just a beautiful piece showing a strong Supergirl. As always with these commissions, color is considered a bonus. Here the added color to the hair, S-shield, and face just adds so much depth to the piece. This is just a great great commission.

I was pumped for this mini-series when I heard Sterling Gates was announced as writer. Then I heard Francis Manapul was doing covers; I thought it couldn't get better.

Now I think this mini-series is going to be a complete home run.

Just a great commission for me though!

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Dr. Thinker said...

Some forgot to tell him that Supergirl is a blonde!