Thursday, May 19, 2011

Supergirl Toon Tumbler

The Shrine continues to grow ... this time unexpectedly!

I was on my way out the door of the Boston Comic Con when I noticed a Toon Tumbler display. I was thinking of getting the Superman glass with the classic 'breaking the Kryptonite chains' image. Instead I was shocked to see this tumbler showing a Silver Age Supergirl picture.

I have never seen this before. And in going to the Toon Tumbler website I don't see it there either. What a nice little find!

The back of the glass shows the very 70's version of Supergirl title logo. Very nice.

The picture on the glass was first seen on Adventure Comics #410.

It was spotlighted in the upper corner of the cover, making it 'the' image of Supergirl for a short period of time.

But the origin of this version of the costume is inside Adventure #410 as well.

This was during the time period when readers were invited to send in to DC new versions of Supergirl's costume. Some of these costumes were subsequently used in stories in Adventures. There are plenty of these variants throughout the middle aspect of that run.

It turns out that this version was submitted by a reader John Sposato of Edison NJ. This version of the uniform became *the* uniform for Supergirl for the next decade. Sure there were some slight modifications. The pants were beaded on the bottom sometimes, then became longer, more like tennis shorts. The shoes went from ballet slippers to elf slippers to boots. But this feel was the uniform for a while. I guess decades late congratulations should go to Sposato for designing this.

Again, the glass was a nice little find.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I've seen plenty of those at a local burger joint in Teaneck. I'll take pictures next time I get there! ;) -ealperin

Anonymous said...

I saw the tumbler online quite a while back when it was "coming soon" on some website, possibly DC's but I can't remember where exactly. I meant to say something at the time but I wasn't sure if it was just a reissue of the Pepsi one you'd already got or something... and then I forgot about it!

According to this site it came out about October, which sounds about right.

Ayhe said...

That Supergirl glass is so beautiful! It´s a definitive must have in your collection :D

By the way, the other day I read your post about Adam Hughes not doing anymore comissions, and I felt very sad. You certainly deserve to have the best Supergirl artworks, I think yu are one of the nicest and most loyal Supergirl fans.

So I decided to draw a very special Supergirl for you.

I wish my skils were as great as mr Hughes, Kara is such a beautiful character!
I always read your posts, and I love how you review the comics,each article is a pleasure to be read! :3

I hope you will like my humble present!


Martin Gray said...

Oh, my favourite Supergirl image with my favourite logo. Want!

Martin Gray said...

@Ayhe, your Supergirl is gorgeous, good luck with your career.

Anonymous said...

Slick supergirl piece.

Anj said...

Wow Ayhe ... that is really really wonderful.

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I miss the hotpants and slippers...

Whatever happened to John Sposato I wonder?

John Feer

Ayhe said...

Thanks all!
Anj, it was my pleasure. I like your website very much, and your commission collection is amazing!
I hope this brought you and your supergirls at home a smile.