Monday, September 21, 2009

'Supergirl As A Lantern Recruit' Poll Results

As always, I would like to thank everybody who voted in the last poll 'Which Lantern Corps Would Recruit Supergirl?' This poll was really an intellectual exercise since it was relatively unlikely that Supergirl would ever don a ring during Blackest Night. So I was pretty pleased to see 45 people took the time to vote.

Still, it was interesting to see the results and especially to read the comments that were made. For a while it was a three corps race with Indigo (compassion), Blue (hope), and Green (will) all getting a number of votes in the early going.

However, as the week went on, it was clear that most people felt that Supergirl was best described as a character of compassion or hope. The Indigo and Blue Corps both got 31% of the vote and ended tied for first.

I have said many times that Supergirl is an intriguing character because even her most diehard fans can have very very different takes on her overall character. I still get a little bit surprised when I am reminded of this internal strife among Kara's fanbase.

So it was interesting to see Red (rage) get 5 votes, Violet (love) get 2 votes, and Yellow (fear) and Orange (avarice) each get a vote a piece. Supergirl as an agent of fear? Hmmm ...

But Blue and Indigo were the clear-cut front runners. So I thought I would put their 'team pages' down (from Blackest Night:Tales Of The Corps #1) as well as some other commentary on each corps by Ethan Van Sciver (from Blackest Night:Tales Of The Corps #2).

The members of the Blue Lanterns are described here as being 'some of the most holy and righteous beings in the universe'. Its rings constructs soothe its targets based on their target's hopes. They charge green rings and decharge yellow rings.

Van Sciver describes the Blue Lantern symbol as a ring growing downward inward arms like a hug. Their costumes are rounded and organic and 'only the noblest, kindest-looking creatures' are eligible for the Corps.

I do think the current Supergirl is a hopeful person, looking forward to a better universe and trying with all her might to do her part. While recently some of her best intentions have resulted in some disastrous results, she has not become despondent and has continued to strive to improve herself and her worlds, remaining hopeful that she will succeed.

Supergirl as a Blue Lantern makes sense.

The Indigo Lantern Corps team page is completely devoid of information. Not much is known of them.

We had only seen them in a brief story in Blackest Night:Tales of the Corps #1. In that story, the members seem to be able to absorb the energy from other Corps rings and then use that energy to seem to do 'what needs to be done' for the person they have drained. In this story, the drained green energy from a Green Lantern is used to (apparently) mercy kill the GL who was dying in pain. The yellow energy drained from a Sinestro Corps member is then used to rebound back on the Yellow Lantern, images of great fear forcing him to retreat. In Blackest Night #3, they seem very knowledgable about the war of light and how to defeat the Black Lanterns.

Van Sciver describes the Indigo Lantern symbol as a simple shape representing caring and giving. The symbol is 'humble, as it represents compassion, charity, concern for others at the expense of self.'

I think the Gates/Igle Supergirl has come a long way from the Loeb/Kelly Kara from early in the title. That Supergirl seemed quite isolated, interested more in being left alone or lashing out violently against anyone who did her wrong. Since Supergirl #34, we have seen a Supergirl who has wanted to help people, who has wanted to be a hero, and who has done that despite having the opportunity to live a life of ease on New Krypton. This Kara clearly has the concern of others ahead of herself.

Supergirl as an Indigo Lantern makes sense too. I'm conflicted.

I guess the DCU will never know which Corps would try to recruit Supergirl.

Thanks again to everyone who voted. I think these polls are a lot of fun.


Rick said...

I think I prefer her not as a lantern. interesting poll tho.

Anonymous said...

A truly hilarious in hindsight poll.

Apparently five voters were onto something.