Friday, September 11, 2009

Review: Wednesday Comics #10

Perhaps the best compliment I can pay Wednesday Comics is that I have really looked forward to it each week. I wasn't always able to say that about the other weeklies I have collected in the past: 52 and Countdown. In fact, it was the 'hit or miss' nature of those weeklies that made me shy away from Trinity.

But Wednesday Comics has worked. I will admit it took a little time to get used to this format from a story-telling viewpoint. Some strips took some time to gain momentum about the overall story (Batman for example). Others seemed to dive right into action which may not have mattered for the overall plot (Teen Titans early chapters).

What has impressed me is how much I have come to enjoy some of the strips I was lukewarm about at the beginning. Batman, Deadman, Hawkman ... they have all improved dramatically over the course of the weeks.

As for this week, there was a definite sense of the rapidly approaching endings of the anthology as many strips took big steps plot-wise towards nearing their conclusions.

But on to Wednesday Comics #10 and Supergirl in particular. This week's opening panel emotion is 'relaxed' as Kara applies some SPF 1000 for her trip to the sun. I love the oversized sunglasses she is wearing! Too cute!

Aware that the super-pets' erratic behavior is due to aliens dumping their trash into our sun, Supergirl streaks into action.

Amanda Conner's art has been just wonderful this entire strip especially how expressive her Supergirl has been. Her Kara really wears her heart on her sleeve. This week's strip showcases that facet of her art with 6 inset close-up panels of Supergirl's face as she runs an emotional gamut.

I love how graceful Supergirl looks as she flies towards the sun. And here is one of those inset panels showing an excited Supergirl in awe of the universal splendor around her.

Supergirl approaches the massive alien ship cautiously, realizing she may have a hard time communicating with them.

Look at how sweet she looks here as she approaches with a 'friendly wave and smile'. Conner described her art on this strip as 'vomitously adorable'. The first panel here certainly fits the bill. I love the coy Kara flying in waving, her boot shyly pointed up.

Unfortunately, the aliens reaction is to reach for their guns.

Luckily, we see the super-pets speeding on their way!

Again, we see more of those inset panels showing Kara's emotions, first overly friendly then worried.

This strip continues to really entertain. Jimmy Palmiotti has captured the voice of this young Supergirl nicely. And this week's chapter really lets Amanda Conner shine, doing what she does best.

As for the rest of Wednesday Comics, the usual winners continue to impress.

In particular, this week's Green Lantern really set the stage for a wild finale of a space battle as the Kaphroki armada arrives to invade Earth. This strip has been one of the better strips week in week out. I love this panel as Hal gears up to face countless ships all aiming their guns at him. The last panel shows him grinning and cracking his knuckles as he gears up for the fight.

Batman, Kamandi, Strange Adventures, and the Flash remain excellent. Deadman and Hawkman have steadily improved and drawn me in.

And surprisingly, Superman (and not just because of the Supergirl sighting), Metal Men, Teen Titans, and Wonder Woman were all enjoyable this week as their stories reach a crescendo.

Two more weeks ... it just seems too short.

Overall grade (Supergirl): A
Overall grade (Wednesday Comics): A


Ignacio said...

Due to the influx of students, my store ran out of Wednesday Comics -- I had forgotten to put it on my pull list. I hope they get more in.

I think Amanda Conner is wonderful, and she'll clearly continue to produce work for DC (unless the people running the show there really are self-destructive) -- I sincerely hope that his strong work in WC leads to more projects for Ryan Sook. I've been a big fan of his since he pencilled the Zatanna issues of Morrison's Seven Soldiers and the early issues of Marvel's X-Factor.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adored this chapter of the serial and if Gates and Jamal ever end up leaving Supergirl I definitely want Jimmy and Amanda taking over! :D

TalOs said...

Whoops! I'm 'Anonymous' there, heh. ;)