Wednesday, August 2, 2017

TV Guide Comic Con Special 2017

I was lucky enough to grab the TV Guide Comic-Con 2017 Special at the local Barnes and Noble. And even better, I was able to find the Supergirl cover. I love this cover. The splattering of all colors and Melissa Benoist's determined and action-ready pose is just spectacular.

The Flash, Arrow, and Black Lightning all share one cover. Supergirl is the only hero to fly solo on the cover! That's great.

It also is the third year that Supergirl has graced the cover.
Here is the 2015 SDCC TV Guide coverage.
And here is the 2016 SDCC TV Guide coverage from last year.

This magazine covers all shows that could be covered at the Con so Supergirl only has a handful of pages for coverage. Still, I try to support the show whenever I can.

And all this news is sort of vague.

The opening article has the women of the show (Chyler Leigh, Floriana Lima, Melissa Benoist, and Katie McGrath) talking about their characters.

I am thrilled that Lena Luthor is going to be back on the show as a regular character. I think that McGrath killed it as Lena. And I thought that the 'is she evil, is she good, when will she become evil' debates about Lena throughout last season showed how engaging she was.

Here, McGrath says that Lena won't stay down. She gets up and fights. And Joan of Arc as a hero? Fascinating.

There is also a Q&A with Andrew Kreisberg.

Yes, Mon-El will be back. 'Astute comic book fans' have an idea where Mon-El went. That means Phantom Zone and Legion! That is, I hope we get some Legion stuff this season.

I loved that Cat Grant knew Kara was Supergirl all along. For me, it meant that Cat could mentor both sides of Kara's identity.

There are also some pictures from last season.

I loved this picture from last season's finale when the two cousins slugged it out. How the heck did they do that stunt???

Hopefully there will be Supergirl specific stuff (both comic and show) coming from SDCC. Fingers crossed.

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