Thursday, August 31, 2017

San Diego Swag Bag

I have been running this Supergirl site for over nine years now. I feel blessed to have met and interacted with so many Supergirl fans. And I am humbled by how generous so many people have been to me over the course of the years.

The latest example is from blog friend Firebird.

I met Firebird back in 2015 at the Boston Comic Con. He had traveled to the con and gave me the CW Supergirl swag bag from San Diego Comicon from that year. I also got the opportunity to see all of his incredible Supergirl commissions.

Firebird also went to this year's San Diego Comic Con and was lucky enough to snag an extra Supergirl swag bag which he sent my way.

It is a gorgeous and relatively huge bag and came with a Supergirl pin.

I can't thank Firebird enough for giving me this great gift. I am truly appreciative and grateful. I doubt I'll ever get to San Diego Comic Con so getting some memorabilia from there is just fantastic.

On top of that, inside the bag was a bunch of programs and con TV Guides. This was definitely a great little bonus. Just to thumb through the program and guides was just brilliant, giving me the best sense of the scope of this event. That Kirby-covered guide is about as thick as a local phone book!

So thanks again to Firebird for this wonderful gift. I can't thank you enough!


Anonymous said...

Cool-looking bag and great gift.

Those tv-guides are nice. And it's good to see Supergirl featured prominently on a tv-guide. No matter what the level of quality of the show is how many seasons it'll get, exposure and publicity are a good thing.

Firebird said...

Really glad that the bag made it in time during your trip to Boston Comic Con as that was how I timed it when I mailed it out to you that week. Thanks for this blog post as well. It really put a smile on my face since it's been a surreal year for me as well as for many others to say the least. Thanks again!